Autumn Long Weekend Away With Special Event

Trying to pack for a weekend away with only a carry on can be hard work, but here’s how I did it:

Packing List:

  • Plain Tee: always pack a basic tee as it can take you anywhere. Plus it can double up as a pj top
  • Leggings: they are super comfortable, warm, lightweight and great for travelling.
  • Jeans: for cold days or nights, and can be worn but dressy or casually
  • Button shirt: I would usually pack a chambray or denim shirt, but this time a print like tartan or plain is definitely more fun!
  • Sweater: definitely needed if you’re going to or from a cool climate
  • Trench coat: can easily be worn on the plane and is great for dressier occasions
  • Cardigan: great for layering and keeping you warm
  • Casual tee dress: if it’s cold try a long sleeve variety in a neutral colour or a classic print like stripes or spots
  • Little black dress: for the special event
  • Two scarves: try two different styles, one with a print and one more neutral
  • Boots: if you choose boots with a slight heel they can also be used for dressier occasions
  • Heels: for the special event and going out for dinners
  • Flats: definitely pack a pair of flats or casual shoes. Even canvas runners like converse would be a good idea.
  • Hat or beanie: to keep your head warm
  • Gloves: check the weather first to see if you’ll actually need these
  • Crossbody bag: can be used as a day bag or can double up as a bag for the special event
  • Necklace: to dress up your outfit
  • Earrings: one pair can be worn on the plane
  • Watch: functional jewellery
  • Sunglasses: because you need to protect your eyes!
  • Overnight bag: I like to get one with lots of pockets so it’s easier to store everything in their when I’m travelling
Long weekend away packing list: Autumn


You would be amazed at how many outfits you can pull together with 8 pieces of clothing! After creating these outfit combinations, I realised that I probably wouldn’t even need all of the items – I might even be able to leave some things behind! This shows that it’s quite easy to come up with a variety of looks with only items in a carry on bag. Here are my combinations

On the Plane: go for something comfy. You can’t go past leggings, boots and a tee for a chic travel outfit. Take your trench coat on with y so you can stay warm when it gets chill, but also so you can make sure that you have plenty of room in your carry on. Don’t forget your scarf!

Plane Ride: Autumn Weekend Away With Carryon Only

Out for Dinner: if you get to your destination during the day, you’ll most likely want to get changed. You may even have dinner plans. This is the time to break out your funky heels and dress up your casual dress. Wear it with your trench to make sure you keep nice and warm at night.

Dinner Outfit for Autumn Weekend Away with Carryon Only

Shopping Day: there’s nothing better than a day where you can relax and go shopping! You can’t go past a pair of jeans, plain tee and button up shirt. Make sure you wear flats so you can easily take your shoes off to try on clothes, but also so you don’t wear out your feet! This outfit also works if you are sightseeing in a new town.

Shopping Day: Autumn Weekend Away with Carryon Only

Special Event: a little black dress goes a long way! Change it up and add some colour with a cute cardigan and scarf. Make it dressy with a funky necklace.

Special Event: Autumn Weekend Away With Carryon Only

Family Time: spending time with family means casual fun. You might just be hanging out at home or even going to the movies. Either way, you can stay stylish with this leggings and sweater combo. Add a printed scarf to add some stylish fun to the outfit.

Family Time: Autumn Weekend Away With Carryon Only

Coffee Date: the only other thing I love more than shopping is sitting in a cafe drinking tea or coffee. This outfit is great for rainy days. One of the best print clash combinations is stripes and leopard print. Styling it with a hat also means that you can effortlessly hide any dirty or messy hair and instantly make it look magazine ready.

Coffee Date: Autumn Weekend Away With Carryon Only

Plane Ride Home: wearing your heaviest items on the plane means you have less weight in your carry on (and possibly more room for the shopping you’ve done!) You’ll also stay warm on the plane and be warm when you get back home at night – definitely something to seriously consider when the weather starts getting colder!

Flying Home: Autumn Weekend Away With Carryon Only

3 thoughts on “Autumn Long Weekend Away With Special Event

    • vintagebarbie17 says:

      Glad I could inspire you with my outfit organisation! 🙂 although, I have to admit, I still manage to forget things without a list that I can go through and tick off once I’ve packed everything!

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