She’s a Lady – Vintage Barbie’s Signature Look

Whenever I hear the term “Lady” I think of two things: the cocker spaniel dog in Lady and The Tramp, and the way that women dressed back in the thirties to fifties.

Also, I’m pretty sure there is a Tom Jones song called “She’s a Lady”… Which is now stuck in my head thanks to my choice of title!

Anyway, many decades ago, women wanted to be considered ladies. Their fashion also followed suit. There were modest hemlines, matching bags to hats, wearing gloves in public, beautifully styled hair and being all round polite, respectful and elegant in their manner.

I have always adored this time and how women dressed. I hope to emulate this time in my fashion and way I approach life.

That’s why when I saw this beautiful pink wiggle dress at the Canberra Vintage Fair in late 2014, I knew that I had to buy this dress. It spoke to me. It was a slightly sexy but remained modest. To make things better it was on sale. And it’s pink. How could I saw no??

I also found a pretty blush pink handbag from the 1950s. It is big enough to fit my essentials such as makeup, keys and phone, so it is definitely something that I can use regularly.

The pink ruffle collar jacket is something I purchased off eBay. I saw it years ago and had wanted to purchase it for ages, but never had the money for it. This time when I saw it I had to buy it straight away. It did take quite some time for it to arrive from Hong Kong, but it was well worth the wait. The jacket if lined well and is super comfortable. I’m glad I waited all these years for my precious pink coat! It works so well with my vintage pink dress.

The hat and sunglasses are two of my favourite purchases from Forever New. I love the star pink and white striped hat, and the sunglasses are a pair I wear quite regularly, because they are completely my style!

And to finish off the outfit, I had to wear my pretty baby pink Wittner heels. I bought these for a wedding and they have been a favourite ever since. I love closed toe heels like this because they match with so many clothing items. They also give you enough height without being too tall.

The combination is perfect for Vintage Barbie to create a post of her signature look!

I felt that it was about time I shared some of my signature looks, and the combination of the above outfits is certainly one of those. Scroll down to see me pose in a Vinatge Barbie look!

Details: Vintage Dress – Recycology | Ruffle Collar Coat – eBay | Vintage Handbag – Canberra Vintage Fair | Earrings and Bracelet – Forever New | Pink Heels – Wittner | Hat and Sunglasses – Forever New

What do you think of my signature look? Do you have a signature look? Comment and share links to your post on your own signature look! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram: @vintagebarbie17

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