Forest Fairy Princess

The few hours before sunset are called “The Golden Hours” by photographers. It's when the sun is getting ready to set and the light is perfectly golden. It's a great time to shoot photos because the sun isn't harsh on the skin, eyes or background. There are no stark shadows – instead soft shadows make photos look blissful and romantic.

As day light savings time comes to an end in Australia, I knew that I would not have many more chances of being able to capture beautiful photos at this time in my summer clothes. So I ventured out to the park next to my house and had some pretty photos taken under the trees. The trees are starting to lose some of my their leaves and I knew that this would be a perfect setting to wear my new maxi dress in.

I felt like a fairy princess in my flower crown, wandering around the trees. As the the chiffon fabric blew in the cool autumn breeze, I knew I had chosen the perfect time to shoot some photos of this outfit…

The beauty of this dress is that it can be styled to represented a pretty, fairy princess, but then it can be transformed into a glamorous outfit for a formal event:

Dress: eBay | Earrings: Forever New | Flower Crown: Lovisa |
Flower Ring: Lovisa | Heels: Novo Shoes

I hope to be bringing more outfit posts to you shortly, so stay tuned for some more fun and fabulous outfits!






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