Budget Style: Cute Summer Outfit for under $100

It’s been a while since I’ve posted an outfit post. Well, it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything regularly.

Life has been busy. I’m half way through writing posts or editing photos for posts and then a new idea comes to mind and I start doing that one as well. Then it goes with the other half finish posts because another new post is started. Then I’m not motivated to properly finish the posts.

It’s like a cycle I can’t get out of.

I’m going to try and regain some structure to my blog posts. I also need a little bit of extra motivation to finish those posts. That means I will have to stop starting posts and never finishing them.

In the meantime, I would like to share some quick snaps taken before I attended a charity trivia night.

It was still summer and still warm only a month ago. And still light at 7pm. Now that it’s getting darker sooner and it’s definitely colder outside…

I found this cute floral midi skirt at Valleygirl. Ok I didn’t actually find it – I saw someone showing her purchases to her friend in the mall and she showed this gorgeous floral midi skirt. I ijust had to ask her where she got it from. Then she told me it was from Valleygirl and it was on $29.99. I knew I had to race there and get one for myself!

I teamed it with a basic crop from Supre. I love the basics from Supre because they will go with everything and they often come in a variety of different colours and patterns too.

My Forever New clutch is currently a favourite. It’s big enough to fit the essentials and a few other bits and pieces too. It goes with so many different outfits and colours, so it’s becoming a staple in my wardrobe.

Finally, my flats are a cheapie pair I found at Big W. I buy most of my shoes from places like Big W, Kmart and Target because, let’s face it, not all of us have a huge budget for designer shoes. Getting flats like this are a great idea because they generally last the season and by next season I’ll want a new pair or style anyway, so this allows me to change up my wardrobe at a fraction of the cost.

 photo 3
photo 4
photo 2

Top: Supre $12 | Skirt: Valleygirl $29.99 | Clutch: Forever New $29.99 | Shoes: Big W $12 | Earrings: Forever New $14.99

Total: $98.97

Shopping on a Budget: Tick. Looking Stylish: Tick. Sense of Self Satisfaction: You bet ya!

photo 5

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