Breakfast Stop in Nowra

I recently travelled to the Kangaroo Valley for a Wedding and it was such a beautiful place to visit. But, as I have experienced from other small towns, there are limited places for gluten intolerant people to eat. The pie shop looked amazing, but unfortunately I could not enjoy this delicious smelling goodness.

My partner and I took the drive into Nowra to find a cafe to dine in. We drove around the town and stumbled across a cafe called Deli on Kinghorne. It looked fairly quiet, but then again this was a Tuesday morning!

We were told to take a seat wherever we pleased and to have a look over the menus. We sat down outside as it was a beautiful warm Autumn day. There did not appear to be many gluten free options, but I assumed that gluten free bread would be available. Once we decided on our meals, my partner went and ordered them at the counter. We both ordered fried eggs and bacon. We also ordered our standard coffees, and of course, my partner ordered a chocolate milkshake.

The coffees quickly came out and the meals soon followed. The waitress wasn’t too friendly and I had to confirm which meal was gluten free. She didn’t know at first and guessed that one meal was gluten free. Thank goodness it was!

I have to say, that this was probably the best gluten free bread I’ve ever tasted! It was light and fluffy, not dense like the gluten free bread I’m used to eating. It was sweet and buttery, almost like a crossaint. The bacon was cooked perfectly and there was more than enough of it! It was a very generous serving for less than $13.00! The eggs were ok: slightly undercooked, but the delicious bread and bacon made up for that.

The main disappointment was the coffee. It didn’t taste burnt, but it just didn’t taste right. It’s possible that the milk was spoiled or going off. Or maybe there was something wrong with the coffee. I’m not quite sure and I can’t quite put my finger on it. Maybe it was a bad day? I don’t know. Either way, I was really unimpressed with the coffee.

Despite the coffee disappointment, I would still go back to this cafe for breakfast. It was yummy and filled me up. Great way to start the day!




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