Urban Pantry Wins Again

My partner and I decided to go out for breakfast on Valentines Day. We didn’t want to spend too much money and thought this would be a nice date for the two of us.

We headed into Manuka on Valentines Day and went to wander around to find a cafe that was free. The first cafe we saw is actually my favourite breakfast stop: Urban Pantry. We have been here multiple times for breakfast and always have a delicious feed.

We thought about wandering around to find another cafe but decided to stick with old faithful. We were greeted by friendly staff who seated us immediately, even without a reservation. I was busy, but pretty much every weekend is. I think because of the constant business, the staff are competent in managing lots of people and orders, and do it all with a smile. They definitely have good customer service skills here, which certainly makes the experience a good one.

The thing I like about Urban Pantry is that there are so many options for people like me: there’s plenty of gluten free dishes, as well as dairy free, vegetarian and vegan options. But the meals aren’t “weird” or “out there” – there are still plenty of great dishes for the everyday person.

Coffee is delicious, as always. I also love the freshly squeezed orange juice from here as well. I am tempted to try the ‘Raspberry Rush’ juice next time I go to Urban Pantry – the combination of ingredients sounds delicious and fresh and would be perfect for a warm summer morning.

My partner was able to get his bacon and fried eggs with toast and a serving of mushrooms. I ordered my all time favourite breakfast: eggs benedict with salmon, gluten free bread and a serving of spinach leaves. I still can’t properly poach eggs, and smoked salmon is too expensive, so this is always something I get for breakfast when dining out.

Once again, the meal at Urban Pantry was delicious. The experience was also great, as always, and I’ll definitely go back to my favourite breakfast spot for my all time favorite breakfast!

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