Postcards from a Summertime Aussie Road Trip

My partner and I normally go away for the summer holidays around New Years Eve. Even if it’s just a few days, it’s nice to get away and come back to work feeling like you’ve had a holiday.

This year we wanted to keep it budget friendly… After all, with me still paying off my big Europe trip from this year and my partner saving for his own big Europe trip, we didn’t exactly have the money to do anything too flash.

We decided on a road trip up north for a few days. We did a similar trip last year when we drove from Canberra to Brisbane. It’s an epic drive between the two cities, taking us two days and about 27 hours of driving. Normally it wouldn’t take that long, but silly us forgot about the holiday traffic that generally slows down anyone’s trip.

So we picked a nice spot up north that could allow us to engage in some fun activities, like kayaking. It was a long drive, but as we planned our stops, this time it was an enjoyable trip, and with less traffic hassels!

Here is a selection of the photos I took whilst driving through country New South Wales and the beautiful Australian scenery we discovered on our trip:

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