50s Cherry Pop Dress

Over the last year I’ve been honing down and figuring out my style. I spoke about words that describe my style in a previous post. Since then, I’ve been very careful when buying clothes – I only want things that are within my sense of style and therefore would go with other items in my wardrobe.

I’ve tried doing a capsule wardrobe but it hasn’t quite worked. However, the fact that I’ve decided on what is my style really has helped. I’ve been able to cull half of the dresses from my wardrobe, and now I’m less likely to make impulse purchases. (I’m not saying I haven’t purchased an item or two on impulse, but the frequency of it happening is a lot less)

At the end of last year I purchased a gorgeous and fun dress online – as soon as I saw it I knew I had to buy it! I knew it was part of my style and exactly what I want in my wardrobe.

When you look online for a 50s dress, you’ll often find dresses like this one. Whilst it is not exactly a “vintage dress”, the style gives it that vintage fifties feel. You could even wear it if you dress like th rockabilly trend.

I decided to wear this dress last weekend. It’s a cute little dress, perfect for summer weekends. For the weekend just passed I had a naming ceremony in the morning and a BBQ later that day, so I needed something that could take me from one event to another.

The shoes and bag top off this vintage feel outfit. The orange bag has been hiding in my cupboard for some time but it caught my eye when I was putting the outfit together and I decided it was a perfect match!

The shoes certainly feel like they are vintage – I’ve had them for well over 8 years. They have been in storage for quite a while. But since we moved into our new home, I decided to bring them back out of storage. Pand I remembered how much I love them! They are super comfy with the slight heel, and they go with plenty of things in my wardrobe. The only thing is that they are scuffed a fair bit on the inner side of the shoes… I’m hoping to fix them so they look like they are brand new.

I got a lot of compliments about this dress whilst out and about. It was definitely a fabulous choice for my weekend full of activities.

Dress – eBay store | Sunglasses – Dotti | Bag – Bluebird | Earrings – Forever New | Watch – Lovisa | Shoes – Soda

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