Road Trip Essentials

Road trips are always fun and exciting. Whether you have planned the exact route, you’ve already been there a million times before, or you’re just going to wing it, it’s a exciting thing to do.

Living in Australia, we drive a lot. And so there are plenty of road trips as well. Sometimes it’s a road trip to the coast or the city, or just a fun filled holiday adventure. Either way, us Aussies do a lot of road trips!

Even if you do “wing it” there’s certain things that you need to prepare yourself for. That’s why I’ve come up with my Road Trip Essentials Checklist.

Like a packing list, this list will help you make sure you don’t forget anything when you set out on the road.

  • Water: freeze a half filled bottle of water the night before. In the morning fill it up with water so you have chilled water for longer!
  • Energy drinks: to keep the driver alert. And it’s good for the passenger so they can stay awake and keep the driver company 😉
  • Snack bars: everyone gets hungry when travelling. It’s always good to have some snacks, especially if you get caught in traffic just around lunch time! (That’s happened to me before)
  • Fresh fruit: another snack but a healthy alternative to chips and lollies.
  • Sandwiches: road side takeaway food can be expensive, not to mention unhealthy. Choose the lighter option and pack some sandwhiches so you can eat them at a picturesque stop.


  • Tissues: there’s nothing worse than sneezing in the car and having no tissues… Also good just in case a roadside toilet has run out of toilet paper.
  • Wet wipes: can be used to freshen up, use to wipe sticky hands… And there’s plenty of other reasons you might need them. They definitely are a helpful thing to have on hand!
  • Sanitiser: many roadside toilets are not well maintained, so it’s nice to be able to properly sanitise your hands!
  • Bandaids: you honestly never know when you’ll need these. Considering they take up little space, I would definitely recommend packing some for the occasional emergency.
  • Pain killers: a headache can ruin a roadtrip, so pack these just incase.


  • Book or Magazine: reading material is a must to keep the passengers entertained whilst travelling long distances.
  • Crossword/Soduku: another great entertainment material that keeps the brain active – double win!
  • Pens: I always recommend having one on hand for when you need to take down details in an accident. Oh and you’ll need one for the crossword or Soduku puzzles!
  • CDs or iPod: create a roadtrip list and play it in the car to keep you pumped up until you reach your destination. My partner and I once played Ministry of Sound Decade 2000-2009 and remimisced about our younger years and the great songs from this time.
  • Car bingo: if your travelling with kids or a group of friends, a game like car bingo can make those kilometres fly by.

Car items

If you’re travelling some distance, I would definitely recommend being prepared for the worst… And that includes breaking down, being involved in an accident or getting a flat tyre. Make sure you have the following things in your car for your road trip:

  • Insurance info
  • Roadside assistance info
  • Wheel jack
  • Jump start leads
  • Extra oil and water


  • Travel pillow: because you don’t want a sore neck from sleeping upright in the car. There’s lots of different travel pillows around and I prefer the inflatable kind that you can easily stash away in your bag until you need it.
  • Blanket: to keep you snug when you’re a sleeping passenger. It’s also good to have a blanket just in case your accommodation is lacking in the blanket department.
  • Cooler bag: to keep your drinks and food cool and fresh.
  • Sunglasses: because you don’t want a bright and glaring sun ruining your road trip experience
  • Travel outfit: something comfy is best because you’ll be sitting down for a long period of time… But remember that you can be stylish when travelling!
  • Map: because Google maps doesn’t always tell you the information you want… Like when a road is an unsealed road! It’s also good to preplan part of your trip on the map just in case your phone has no reception or the battery dies.

Why not check out my post on Travel Outfit Ideas for some fashionable travel outfit inspiration?!

Don’t forget to take pictures of your trip along the way!

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