Make your own Christmas Wreath

I thought I post this last month but some tech glitch means I missed out on the Christmas time frame…

better late than never!

I absolutely love Christmas time. It’s a joyful and happy time of the year. Everyone gets together to wind up the year and celebrate together. You can be forgiven for drinking and eating too much and just blame it on Christmas festivities. Christmas time is my favourite time of the year!

Putting up the Christmas tree is one of my favourite things to do. It signifies that the merry season has begun, it means it’s time to get ready for holidays, it’s time for functions and parties, and it’s when you can spend time with the peole you care about the most.

This year I got to set up the tree in our new home. I used the small tree we have used from previous years (as I’m going to wait for the sales to get the tree for next year!).

When I was setting up the tree I thought that I needed to decorate the rest of my house accordingly. I put some Christmas lights in our bedroom window, so you can see the lights from the front of the house at night. But I wanted to make something Christmas-like to put on display…

I decided that I could make a Christmas wreath to put on the front door! And to make it a little bit different, I could use Christmas baubles to make the wreath. I’ve seen them in shops and they look great, but I want one that perfectly matches my red and cold Christmas theme.

To recreat your own version of the bauble Christmas wreath, here’s what you will need:

  • Wire coat hanger
  • Tinsel
  • Baubles of varying sizes
  • Hot glue gun
  • Pliers

1. Use the pliers to change the shape of the coat hanger. You will want to try and make the inside of the coat hanger look like a circle. Keep the hook on the top – you will need this to secure the wreath on to the door.

Warm up the hot glue gun.

2. Lay the baubles on a table or on the floor and work out your design. Arrange the baubles in a circle and see how they might look when put together on a wreath. This is especially important to do if you have multiple colours as you want it to look polished and pretty.

Wrap some tinsel around the wire coat hanger so you can no longer see the wire. You will need to glue the tinsel onto the wire as you wrap it around so it stays in place. Leave the top of the coat hanger (the hook part) free from tinsel.

Start gluing the larger baubles onto the wire. It will be best to start with the larger baubles on the inside of the design and work your way out.

Continue with your design, working your way out with medium baubles and then small baubles. You may also use other embellishments like small present baubles or star shaped baubles.

Once you have finished your design, allow it to cool and set in place for about 10 minutes. When it is dry, use the pliers to bend the hook so it can easily be hung on your front door.

Hang up your wreath in your front door and begin to spread the Christmas cheer!

There is no set way on how to make a bauble wreath – as each design is different, the methods may be slightly different.

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