Dangar Falls and Rainforest Trek at Dorrigo

On a recent trip to Nymbodia, we took a trip out to the surrounding area of Dorrigo. Located in upper New South Wales, Dorrigo is a small town west of Armidale and south of Grafton.

Upon entering the area of Dorrigo, we saw fields upon fields of luscious green grass. I have never seen paddocks and fields look so green – with the bright blue sky as backdrop, looked like a cartoon!

Coming into Dorrigo, it was obvious this quaint town had the definite country town feel to it. We grabbed a quick morning coffee at Tallowood Cafe then set off to look at Dangar Falls.

I decided it should be pronounced “Danger Falls” but my other half was insistent on it being called Dang-arr Falls, but either way, it was a spectacular sight.

The recent rain meant water was pouring off the waterfall, and the sound was extremely loud – not the usual trickling water sound you sometimes associate with waterfalls.

There was a pretty little track to discover the “rainforest” surrounding the waterfall. A man made elevated wooden track allowed visitors to peacefully wind through the dense greenery. I particularly liked how the track was made around the trees, even having one tree come straight through the middle of the track.

We got to the end and could see the falls from a ground level perspective. I snapped up a few pictures and we made our way back up the track. At the end of the track we saw some cows had come right up to the fence line of the paddock. We said some quick pleasantries to the cows and moved on.



I would have liked to have seen more of Dorrigo as it appeared quite interesting, but unfortunately, we later realised we were given the wrong map at the tourist information centre.

It’s definitely a nice little town to stop into and explore so I would recommend checking it out if you’re near that area.

photo (1)


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