Summer Makeup Looks

Summer is here in Australia! Well, with this terrible, cold and stormy weather we are experiencing on the east coast, you would think we’ve gone back to winter! Nonetheless, it’s party season – Christmas parties, end of year functions, weddings, New Years, and plenty of summer BBQs. Trips to the beach/pool/lake/cool water spot are on the agenda as well, so you’ll need to have yourself ready for all these fun events you’ll be attending. Here’s my top 5 summer looks that I’ll be wearing over the summer months:

Beach to Bar

Whatever water spot you visit during the day, you’ll want to keep your makeup light and fresh. BB cream is the best item to use as it also provides sun protection. Just remember that you’ll need to reapply your BB cream or put sunscreen on every couple of hours to ensure your skin is protected against the harsh sun. Waterproof mascara and lip balm are the other other beauty products you’ll need during the day.

Summer Makeup Looks Beach to Bar

When it’s time to head to the bar, use a makeup wipe to refresh you face. Reapply the BBQ cream and some bronzer on your cheeks. Top up your mascara and lightly dust a light shimmery shade on your eyelids. Finish with a coral coloured lip balm to give your pout a pretty glow.

Summer Glow

Celebrate summer with gold and pink! This look is great for weddings or other important functions that start in the day and end later at night. It is best begin by doing your eye makeup so you can prevent eyeshadow from falling on your cheeks and ruining your foundation. Start with your eyebrows and ensure they are tidy and filled in. Use a light brown as a base and cover all of the eyelid area. Use a lighter colour to highlight the brow bone and the inner corner of yr eyes. Use a golden brown in the crease and use a shimmery gold colour in the middle of the lid. Take a darker brown and blend this in from the corner of your eyes and into the crease.

Some eyeliner and mascara will complete the eyes. Wipe away any excess eyeshadow colour that may have fallen on your cheeks. Then apply primer, foundation and concealer. Dust some bronzer on your cheekbones. Make sure that you use a lip liner to line the lips, then apply a gorgeous light pink colour to the lips with a lip brush. Now you’re ready to enjoy whatever function you are attending!

After Dark

A lot of people will be needing to go from their job to after work drinks – whether this is for an end of year function or for catch ups with friends, you still want to look fabulous. Often it’s hard to look fabulous when you’ve been working hard all day. But if you throw together a little makeup kit in your handbag, you’ll be ready to go in 5 minutes!

When getting ready in the morning, apply a light base of primer, foundation and concealer. When you finish work, you’ll need to do a quick touch up of your skin and foundation. Use a coral based blush. Then start your eye makeup. Cover the entire lid with a light brown eyeshadow colour. In the outer corners of your eyes, apply a smal amount of charcoal eyeshadow in a V shape. Next, use a medium brown colour to blend the dark colour in towards the centre of your eye. Put a small amount of medium brown eyeshadow underneath your lower lashes. Dab a small amount of white eyeshadow in the inner corner of your eyes and blend this towards the darker shadow. Use black mascara to finish off the eyes. Apply a nude or almost nude-pink lipstick and you’re ready to go!

Christmas Kisses

When you think of Christmas, you instantly think of red. Going with that theme, red lipstick is a must for Christmas parties. First apply your foundation and concealer to trouble spots. Use a light pink based blush to give your cheeks a lovely fresh look. Keep your eye makeup simple by using a light, neutral colour over the lid. Then use liquid eyeliner on the top lips to give your eyes a nice polished look. Line the eye waterline with black eyeliner. Finish the eyes with black mascara. Don’t forget to tidy brows and fill in with an eyebrow pencil.

To create perfect lips, put some concealer on your lips – this will ensure the red colour doesn’t run. Use a lipliner pencil to draw the outline of your lips, then colour in the middle. Use a brush to apply your lipstick – this ensures the lipstick stays on and you don’t overdo the amount of lipstick required. That means avoiding the embarrassing lipstick on the teeth!

Party Eyes

Whether you’re attending a music festival or it’s New Year’s Eve, you want something fun and a little bit different. And most likely you’ll be keen on the sparkle! If you’re going to be dancing the night away or you’re going to be the centre of many photos, make sure you start with a good base. Prime your skin and use a long wearing foundation. Give your cheeks a pretty pink blush and warm your skin with some bronzer. Use highlighter on the top of your cheekbone.

This is where the fun begins! You can go as dark or as light as you want, or go as sparkle and shimmery as you want! The choices are endless. Don’t forget to add some fake lashes for that amazing look. Finish off the look with some small dimontes placed near the outer corner of your eyes. Your eye makeup will determine your lipstick colour, but it’s the season to be colourful, so I would choose a lovely warm light pink colour.   Which one is your favourite look? What look are you going to try this season?

Please note that these pictures are not my own – pictures have been sourced from Pinterest. For full details on original website please click on the individual picture. Alternatively please visit my Pinterest board where the images have been sourced from. 

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