Blog Update: Exciting Changes and Posts to Come!

It appears as though I’ve been a little MIA recently… It’s been hard to keep up with my posts when I’ve been so busy at work and so busy after work. With the silly season upon us, it seems that a lot of our social calendars are filling I and we have less free time on our hands.

This hasn’t meant I have forgotten about the blog. It just meant that it has taken a backseat recently. Plus we had a new addition to our family who has taken up a lot of our time – our new cat, Sassy. She is a 2 year old tortoise shell cat and she is a little furry mischief maker! But we love her furry little face!

On top of that I’ve had a few Christmas parties, as well as the beginning of festival season by attending Stereosinic Music Festival. I had a lot of fun but this old body of mine is struggling to recover…

I haven’t forgotten about my blog and my loyal readers. I am working on some projects at the moment and I can’t wait to share them! I’ve got lots of Christmas themed posts coming up as well as some fabulous fashion and style posts. I’ll also be working on some travel posts based around my experiences in Europe this year.

I’ve also been working on making my blog bigger and better by upgrading to a self hosted website. This requires a lot of planning, time, energy and a bit of money, so it’s understandable that this side of the blog has been taking up a lot of my time.

So please stay tuned for some exciting changes in the blog but also for some fantastic posts in the lead up to the change.

Thank you for the support so far from all my loyal readers and welcome to my new followers. I can’t wait for what is going to be some exciting changes and posts for the Adventures of Vintage Barbie!


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