Blog Update: Regular Posts Are On Their Way!

Vintage Barbie is not just about fashion and style. Like the real like Barbie, fashion is important but it’s not the only thing she has going for herself. Vintage Barbie also has different hobbies, interests and passions. So whilst fashion and style are big parts of who I am (and a big part of this blog) they are certainly not the only things I have going for me.

When I started this blog I wanted to write about a mixture of fashion, food and travel, as they are all important components of my brand being Vintage Barbie. Recently, it’s pretty obvious that the fashion and style component of this blog has taken over like an overgrown garden. The plants that are food and travel are still in that garden but are just slightly hidden away… So maybe to time for some pruning?


Ok, enough with the metaphors!

I’m wanting to go back to writing more about travel and food. My original aim of this blog was to document my travels, and I’ve been a little slack on that so far. Plus I want to get back into cooking and creating more food related posts. But at this same time I still love blogging about fashion and style…

This got me thinking about popular blogs and how they keep up with regular posts. I noticed that many blogs use a certain theme on a particular day of the week for regular posts, and this gave me a light bulb moment!

I decided that I will always want to blog about three main themes: fashion, travel and food. So in order to regularly blog about each topic I’m picking three days for the regular posts, and naming each particular day after the theme for that day… These days will be known as: Travel Tuesdays, Foodie Fridays and Style on Sunday.

I like the idea of weekly posts around a certain theme – it makes the writer committed to writing specific posts and updating their blog on a regular basis. Plus it makes sense to have a routine for me to create posts, but it’s also good for you as a reader so you get new content each week. Everybody wins!

So, I’m committing myself to doing these three regular posts. I’m also going to join in on Twitter with #traveltuesdays and #foodiefridays. Plus I can also create the new hashtag #styleonsunday. I’m also going to start doing Instagram posts with these hashtags as well.

Make sure you follow me on twitter (vintage_barbie1) and Instagram (vintagebarbie17) to keep updated on my new theme related posts!

What do you guys think about this new direction? Does it make you want to come back to a blog when y see regular posts like this?


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