Vintage Barbie at Vintage Canberra

On my way to work yesterday I noticed a big sign on the side of the road: It was advertising the Canberra Vintage event at an old hall in the city over this weekend…I was shocked I hadn’t heard about this earlier!

I decided this was an event I definitely had to attend… After all, how could I be called Vintage Barbie if I didn’t attend vintage events!?

It was a warm and sunny November day in the nations capital… It was really hard to decide on what to wear today! Considering it was a vintage fair I definitely had to wear a vintage style outfit. I decided the lightweight spot dress was effect for a day like today. And to complete the look I added on my pearls, cat eye sunnies and black rose hair clip.
The event had lots of vintage clothes, shoes, bags, millinery, vintage sewing patterns, books and homewards. It also had a vintage fashion competition when I got there. I didn’t enter because I thought I was a little too late and I didn’t wear my original outfit option seen in my Fifties Floral Affair post.
I still liked my spotty dress because I made it look modern-vintage. It’s also nice and light and good for the warmer days. It’s also a great dress to style with a necklace, and my pearl double necklace was the perfect choice for today.
When I got home, we decided to take a few more photos in the shade where it was cooler, because it was waaay to warm to stand outside in that sun today!
Dress – Mink Pink
Pearls & Flower Hair clip – Diva
Bag – Collette
Shoes – Second hand shop



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