Spring Capsule Wardrobe Reveal!


It’s spring time in Australia right now. For those who live in the nations capital, Canberra, spring is windy, full of pollen, has unpredictable weather and crazy swooping birds everywhere. It’s also time for the Floriade flower festival, which displays thousands upon thousands of flowers. It’s a nice way to star spring and it was a way for me to test out part of my capsule wardrobe for spring. I wore the following combination to Floriade:

I was really happy with this outfit – all things I love but never wear. Often I never thought about wearing them because they were hiding in my closet under all my other clothes. It was a good way to help me figure out my upcoming capsule wardrobe.

Now that was three weeks ago. I’ve been thinking a lot a my capsule wardrobe since then, and I think I’ve come up with a selection of clothes. Now I did go over the original amount suggested by Caroline on her blog. But as I said in my post about the capsule wardrobe magic number, I knew I would go over a bit.

I also decided on creating a corporate capsule wardrobe. I plan on updating this over the next month as it depends on we the expectations in my new job, as I’m not sure how corporate or how casual the job will be. For now, here is my Spring Capsule Wardrobe Reveal:


Black Valleygirl tank dress: a really simple and easy dress. It works well with layering and is light enough to be worn by itself. It will mainly be for warm casual days.
Black and White Stripe Dress: this dress is a little thicker and too warm for summer, but works great with layering and with a lot of other clothes in my wardrobe. It’s simple and effortless to throw an outfit together with this dress!
White ICE lace dress: this used to be a going out dress but I can make it more casual. This is another item that can be layered with different jackets or tops.
White lace and pink chiffon Valleygirl dress: this dress perfectly captures my style and I love the pink on it.
Forever New stripe mint tea dress: This is one of my all time favourite dresses in my wardrobe because I can wear it to work or wear it for drinks or even a lunch date – it’s just so versatile and I couldn’t have a spring capsule wardrobe without this peice.
Forever New aqua halter maxi dress: this is another favourite and with the weather heating up, this is a great item to have in my wardrobe.
Forever New Mint blazer: an all time favourite that I haven’t stopped wearing since I bought it! Plus I know it goes with soooo many things in my wardrobe.
Multicolour light knit: this works with multiple items because of the differnt colours it has throughout the knit. Plus it’s fun and fresh for spring.
Black fake leather biker jacket: great for creating a bit more edge to an outfit or changing something from day to night.
Brown knit cardigan: it’s nice and loose so it doesn’t feel constricting, but it’s also still arm enough for the cooler days.
Light grey long knit cardigan: I didn’t take a picture of this but I decided to include this in the capsule wardrobe because sometimes my outfits or the weather require a thin cardigan rather than the thicker knit cardigan or the blazer. It’s just so hard properly narrowing down my wardrobe!
Factorie mint jeans: although these are new in my wardrobe, as you would see from my post on my Factorie outfit, I have wanted these jeans for aaaages and I’m really excited to have them as a staple in my spring capsule wardrobe.
Forever New light wash jeans: these stretch jeans are great for spring because of the light wash. They match with basically every in my wardrobe and they are super comfy too!
Black printed leggings: these leggings are starting to stretch and become a little big for me, but they are comfy and look like pants. They work with lost of different tops too so I’m sure I’ll wear them a lot.
Supre black jeggings: these jeggings look just like jeans, even down to the real pockets and belt hooks. They are starting to get a little worn out but I know I’ll still wear them on warmer days in spring. I’ll probably replace these in upcoming capsule wardrobes.
Yellow Forever New midi pencil skirt: I recently bought this and I’m absolutely in love with it! Even though I’m not usually a fan of yellow, I bought it because I knew it would match so much in my already gigantic wardrobe!
White Forever New midi skirt: this netural colour skirt is perfect for spring as it is short underneath but has the long layer over the top. Plus it’s got the nice subtle floral print on the outer layer.
ICE high waisted denim shorts: I wore these all around Europe and they are super comfy. Plus I think they are a great shade for spring.
Forever New Lace Pink skirt: I haven’t worn this much recently but it’s an old favourite and I want to start wearing it again. It’s in a versatile shade so I am going to mix up wearing it casually and wear it for the more dressy occasions.
ICE high waisted black lace trim shorts: I love these but they do have a small hole in the back. I am hoping to find a replacement pair for summer, but I’ll fix these ones and make do for spring. They are so versatile and really easy to clean too.
Pink Factorie Crop: crops are all the rage right now and this one is a great crop! It works well with different types of clothes and is a new favourite in my wardrobe.
White 3/4 sleeve top: this plain top is perfect to go with my jeans but also skirts as well. I might even try to layer it under dresses if the weather calls for it.
Forever New white tee with lace details: this shirt is a bit big for me but it’s a great staple and looks effortless when styled correctly.
Forever New embellished singlet: I love this top and it’s great for so many occasions so I’m definitely including it in this capsule wardrobe. I’ll probably even carry it over for summer 😉
Kmart white shirt sleeve button up shirt: this is a new shirt but it’s lightweight and can be layered, tied, left open… The possibilities are endless!
Kmart grey tank: another great staple in my wardrobe because it is a plain colour and works well with plenty of different items in my wardrobe. I’m sure I’ll wear this one a lot over spring.
Forever 21 stripe crop: I bought this when travelling and fell in love with it. Stripes are so fun and look effortless when placed in an outfit. I think stripes may be my new favourite print!
Jeans West grey tank: this oversized tank was something I wore throughout Europe and I like how effortless a look can be when you put on this shirt. It works really well with jeans and a scarf.
Factorie grey floral crop tank: this is another version of the pink tank I bought and I just couldn’t decide between the two so I decided to use both… This might be my first mistake but we will see if this top works in my spring capsule wardrobe.
Black v-neck tee: another great basic for the wardrobe. I was hesitant to choose a black tee but I want to wear this tee more often because it’s simple, basic and can make an outfit effortless. This one will help me become more creative with something I’m not used to wearing but want to wear more of.
Forever New button up black sleeveless tee: this is another simple top that will hopefully make my outfits look effortless and I have only worn it a few times so I’m hoping to get more wears out of it this season.
Forever new 3/4 spot button up: I love that this shirt can have the sleeves rolled up or left down. It’s lightweight enough for warm days too, so it’s perfect for springtime!
Chambray button up shirt: I caught on to the trend of wearing and layering a chambray shirt with your outfits and I’m so glad I did! It makes outfits look model worthy but effortless. I do want to replace this one though because it has an ugly red logo on the shoulder.
Forever 21 lace crop: I am in love this top because it looks so great with so many outfits and can be dressy or casual.
Bershka pink love heart tee: this is a great peice because it’s semi neutral with the pink colour that is in my capsule wardrobe, but it’s still got some interest with the small love heart print.
Pink and white lace button up tee: this item is a cute little item that I really like wearing because it’s within what I want my personal style to be more like.
Hot pink sleeveless button up shirt: I thought I would like to add a bit more colour to the spring wardrobe instead of just light pink, and following with another accent of pink was just the way to go.
And finally, I though shoes would be easy but it was actually quite hard to choose just 9 pairs! I did finally make a decision, but I ended up choosing 10 pairs… Yes, I know, I’m naughty! But it was hard ok! And it’s my first time doing this, so I think I did pretty good! So here are the shoes:
Big W leopard print ankle hell boots: I love love love these and they make an outfit look so fun and funky so I had to choose them!
White Forever New wedges: with the weather warming up, these are the perfect pair of shoes. You can wear them at day or at night and they are super comfy – I’ve worked a full 8 hour shift in these… On my feet all day!
Brown low heel ankle boots: these are one of my favourite pair of shoes in my wardrobe and they go so well with everything. They give a bit of edge to an outfit and they are great for cooler days.
White pointy toe heels: I picked these because I know they work well with many of my items and I can also use them for my corporate wardrobe.
Pink Wittner pointy toe heels: I love the colour of these shoes and they are perfect for spring. And, of course, they match my colour scheme.
Black Kmart flats: these can also be used for my corporate wardrobe as well as for casual occasions. They go with everything so I had to put them in my corporate wardrobe!
Beige gold embellished sandals: they have a low heel so they make an outfit a little bit dressier, and it know they will go with all my clothes in my capsule wardrobe.
White runners: I definitely needed a casual shoe in my wardrobe, but the crisp white colour makes it good for spring and the lighter colours that I have in my wardrobe.
Beige Rubi Shoes flats: another great casual shoe and once again the beige colour works with my wardrobe.
Black Rubi Shoes sandals: the black sandals are flat, so they are different to my beige flats, and they have served me well for the past few years, so I wanted to include them in my wardrobe.
That’s my spring capsule wardrobe. I have decided to do a separate work capsule wardrobe, and I’m going to stick with this wardrobe for 6 months or so. Stay tuned for this wardrobe to be posted. In the meantime. What do you think about my choices? Is there anything I missed? Or anything that you would have left out? I’m still figuring out this whole minialistic approach to a wardrobe, so please tell me your thoughts on my first ever capsule wardrobe.




One thought on “Spring Capsule Wardrobe Reveal!

  1. horusfitzfancy says:

    Great job on this post! I love those two midi skirts and the Valleygirl dress. It’s already making me nostalgic for spring (only 6+ months to go!). Looking forward to more posts 🙂

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