Words That Describe My Personal Style

When trying to come up with a capsule wardrobe, you need to first decide on your personal style and what style you want to create for yourself.

Caroline from un-fancy.com has a magic tool that will help you figure this out so very easily. Be sure to go to her blog and download her free guide to creating a capsule wardrobe!

In the guide, she asks you to come up with words that describe your personal style. There’s a million different words that people can use, but here is my overall description of my personal style.

Words that describe my personal style

There’s a lot of different words in there but I tank I’ve come up with a basic theme. However it’s also important to know what you don’t want to represent as part of your personal style, or what you might like but know doesn’t suit you or isn’t your style. I know that my personal style does not involve: grunge, edgy, revealing, frumpy, trend setter, androgynous, punk, goth, emo, sporty, tomboy… I think that probably sums it all up! I also don’t like the idea of the following items: ripped denim short shorts, flatforms, puffy sleeves, mini dresses, and bandage dresses.

So this should hopefully help me start to pick items for my closet based on what my personal style is about and what I want it to be about. Stay tuned for the next installment relating to my capsule wardrobe 🙂

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