Capsule Wardrobe Magic Number

I’m slowly attempting to make a capsule wardrobe. But it’s a daunting and confusing process. Some websites say you only use 20 pieces of clothing. Others say 30. Some say you include shoes, others say you don’t. Some include absolutely everything including accessories and shoes.

It sounds too hard.

Then along came Caroline from and she solved my problems (well my wardrobe related ones at least!) Caroline’s blog is dedicated to her capsule wardrobe and helps newbies like myself figure out how you decide on your capsule wardrobe. Caroline breaks it down into seasons and doesn’t include accessories into it. She uses her magic number of 37 pieces including her shoes. But the important thing is that Caroline says that no number is the the right magic number for everyone. Because everyone is different, she urges you to come up with your own magic number.

Thank you Caroline.

I’ve decided that my magic number may be a bit more than that.

Caroline splits up each category into 15 tops, 9 bottoms, 9 shoes and 4 other items for jacket or dresses. Being a beginner at this capsule wardrobe thing, I have a feeling my magic number may be a big more than that.

I’ve decided to stick to the 15 tops, 9 bottoms and 9 pairs of shoes. In fact, I may only pick 7 or 8 pairs of shoes. I like to wear dresses so I feel like 5 dresses is a good number. And considering how windy and cold it can get in Camberra over spring, I might like a few jackets. I’m thinking around 5 would also be a good number.

If I only pick 8 shoes, this bring me to 42 pieces. This number sounds pretty good to me.

I’m going to start with shoes because I find that they are the easiest item to pick. This is also following Caroline’s method of deciding on her capsule wardrobe. Caroline says: “choosing shoes is the easiest because you can build your outfits from there”. This makes so much sense to me so I will do that first as well. She also uses the “rule of 3” method, whereby she chooses 3 items of a kind and picks a neutral, a statement and a semi-statement/neutral.

I’ve found some inspiration on Pinterest and thought I would share some of my favourite capsule wardrobe pins:


This is the perfect starting point in deciding what I should have in my wardrobe.


More great basic clothing items to have in your wardrobe.

15 Pieces Flowers

I like that this is colourful and has a spring-time feel to it – just what I need for my spring capsule wardrobe!


This probably has the amount of clothes I would pick, except I would swap two shorts for two extra short-sleeve shirts.


Love that this looks effortless and everything would match, except I would like something with a pattern or print.


So this is helping me figure out how to decide on my capsule wardrobe. Hopefully the wardrobe reveal will be up on the blog in a few days 🙂







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