Pretty in Party Pink

Pretty sure I failed on my September closet challenge. I started off ok but eventually I stopped the outfits. My new waitressing job means working late nights and feeling pretty tired in the morning. So I end up not even getting dressed in real clothes. If I don’t have to go anywhere then I just stay in my hoodie and pj pants until it’s time to get dressed! On the days I actually have to go out of the house, I generally have a job interview and need to dress in plain, corporate clothes. The outfits I did actually dress in, I never got photos of them.

So the challenge kind of went out the window.

Plus it doesn’t help that I can’t find my camera tripod. I haven’t seen it since before I moved house. Maybe its was one of those things that gets lost in a move?

Anyway, today I attempted some outfit of the day photos on my camera, witht the tripod. They are ok, but if I had a tripod they would be MUCH better. Well, witht further ado, here is the first attempt at my outfit of the day photos:



For those who take their own outfit of the day phots, what are your tips? Any tricks you could share with a newbie like me?

Ps.. I wanted to share a selfie with you too hehe



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