Virtual Closet… A Flashback to Clueless

That infamous scene from Clueless

That infamous scene from Clueless

For anyone that doesn’t remember the movie Clueless, you surely know about it now since Iggy Azalea’s video clip for her song ‘Fancy’ made reference to it. And one thing that stuck in my mind from that movie was the virtual closet. (Iggy also has this in the Fancy video clip, for those of you living under a rock and who haven’t seen the clip yet) Has anyone ever wished they could do this with their closet? Wouldn’t you love to have everything organised in your wardrobe and at your fingertips on your phone or tablet?

Well not to worry because Cher’s virtual closet is now a reality! Thank you technology!

There’s a few different apps around right now that make you feel like you are Cher. I’ve had a look at a few different ones, but my favourite virtual closet app would have to be StyleBook for iPad. It is $3.99 but definitely worth it!

photo 4   photo 3

Here’s how it works. You take photos of all your clothes, remove the background on the app and then organise according to type eg Dresses, Tops, Shoes etc. This sounds pretty time consuming and it can be BUT you only do it once, and then the clothes are organised forever.

TIP: If you have heaps of clothes and/or are a bit lazy like me, just take a quick photo and don’t worry about removing the background. You can do it later when you’ve got more time, like lazying in front of the TV. This is also good for photos that didn’t work out as well as you hoped. You can also fix it up at a later date. 

My current 'Sleevless Tops' Category. As you can see, I've only removed the background for some and will complete the rest when I have more spare time.

My current ‘Sleeveless Tops’ Category. As you can see, I’ve only removed the background for some and will complete the rest when I have more spare time.

Now when it comes to organising, you can create, modify or delete subcategories. So in my Tops section I have sleeveless, basics, button up shirts, t-shirts, and many more. You add a picture to the category, and fill in important information like size, colour, how much it was purchased for, brand and so on.

A great feature about this app is you can say exactly where the item is like being mended, in the laundry, in storage or lent out. How many times have you gone to find an item in your wardrobe and have no luck? You have no idea where it is and get completely frustrated when getting ready. This happened to me the other day when my sister reminded me she still has one of my dresses… that I lent her more than 6 months ago!

Now I’m sensing that my readers are still thinking, what’s the point of all of this? Well, this app helps you plan your outfits! So there’s no rushing around in the morning just throwing on whatever is the first thing you see. This app actually helps you be completely stylish and have an outfit that looks like a stylist put it together.

The example of an outfit combination

The example of an outfit combination


Another awesome positive of this app is the fact that it helps you save money! But how?? Well, firstly, you shop your wardrobe. You treat each day like you are doing a virtual shop and shop for what’s in your wardrobe. If there’s something you don’t have, then you can actively go and buy that when you go shopping. And you can take your phone or tablet with you when you go shopping and make sure that your potential new purchase will match with other things in your wardrobe. There’s also no more of buying multiples of similar items because you forgot about the first one at home! Double win!

If there’s something in store or online that you want, you can even add it to the “want it’ wishlist section of clothes. Most stores have online shops, and this makes it super easy to put the photo into your app. Just screen shot the item, and put the photo in your Wishlist section. Once you buy it, you move the photo from the Wishlist to your Closet.

The app also has some great style tips on creating a work capsule wardrobe, or packing lists. I just wish I knew about the packing list aspect of this app before I went overseas!

Which leads me to my next awesome aspect of this app – you can completely plan out your outfits for the week or month or however long you want on a calender. So if there’s a special occasion coming up, you can plan the outfit in the app and know exactly what you are going to wear. Or you can plan out your work wardrobe for the week. This is a lot easier than laying things out on the bed. And it prevents the last minute panic rush when getting ready.

The 'Style Guide' section explains how you can create a work capsule wardrobe, and  avoid the moving panic rush when getting ready

The ‘Style Guide’ section explains how you can create a work capsule wardrobe, and avoid the moving panic rush when getting ready

Another fabulous thing is that you can put pictures of inspiration on here. If you see a picture of an outfit on a celebrity and you want to recreate it, then paste it into your celebrity inspiration. What if you read a blog with a fantastic dress and you want to grab the same one? Can’t remember what brand it is? Oh wait, you put those details into your Blog Inspiration folder on StyleBook, so it’s all under control 😉

So as you can tell I’m super excited about this app because I can properly organise and audit my wardrobe. Because I take photos of everything in my wardrobe, I’m realising what I don’t wear, what is stained or damaged, and what is so out of fashion it should just be thrown out! Because of how well this is helping me organise my wardrobe, I’m going to do an article on how to do a wardrobe or closet audit, so stay tuned for that!

But for now I’m going to finish off my cup of tea and continue with my closet organisation!

Vintage Barbie xoxo

For more info on the StyleBook app, click here for their website.



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