Spring Capsule Wardrobe Ideas

As you might have seen on my last post, I’m busy auditing my wardrobe and putting everything together on StyleBook. I’m hoping that by doing this, I can finally create a capsule wardrobe for the current season and stop unnecessarily buying clothes. Ok, I’ll probably always unnecessarily buy clothes, but I hope that the frequency of my unnecessary purchases slowly diminishes.

I stayed up late last night reading up on creating a capsule wardrobe. For those of you who don’t know, a capsule wardrobe is a minimalistic closet with every item being able to be matched and interchangeable. It generally involves following a colour pallet and picking shoes to match every outfit as well.  Each website and blog has a different ‘magic number’ of items you should have, but as every person is different, I think it’s important to tailor the capsule wardrobe to your specific needs.

See the video on a creating a capsule wardrobe by clicking here.

That’s how I thought about approaching my wardrobe. I am obviously still gathering ideas about my capsule wardrobe, so I don’t want to restrict myself by numbers right now.

I decided to jump onto my Polyvore app and create an ideas board of my ideal Spring Capsule Wardrobe. I thought about things that I had and what I need to buy. I also tailored it to my wants and needs. I’m not working in an office at the moment, so that makes the wardrobe a little more casual. I know there’s a lot of shoes, and tops, but the weather is very unpredictable in Canberra so I need to be prepared. (For example, an hour ago it was warm and sunny outside at 8.30am, now it’s suddenly freezing and I have put the heater on inside…)

So here is my ideas board:

Capsule Wardrobe Ideas

I tried picking items that I already own at home. For example, I bought the lemon skirt a week ago and I LOVE IT. It seems as though it doesn’t fit with the colour scheme, but I do have accents of yellow in two tops. I also know that it looks great with navy colours and the stripped top I already own (similar to the picture). I own almost all of the tops in similar styles. Just as a side note the brown top I have is a beige colour, not tan, and I know it works well with a variety of items. I also bought a pink midi skirt of a similar style when I was overseas, so I think it would be a great addition to my capsule wardrobe.

The things that I would want to buy are:

  • Ripped Denim Jeans: The ones I have are waaaay too big for me and I want something with subtle rips.
  • Beige or Light Coloured Pants or Jeans: Something I don’t have in my wardrobe yet, and I think it would be a great addition.
  • Long Navy Cardigan: You still need to wear a cardigan at the moment and I think I could find a sale one for a decent price
  • Denim Jacket: I actually don’t have one in my wardrobe! I’m thinking of getting one off eBay though 😉
  • White Blazer: I was hoping to buy one at Forever New but they always sell out so quickly!
  • Pink Sandals: I haven’t bought new sandals in a few years so it would be nice to add some colour to the wardrobe
  • Pastel Blue Flats or Heels: This colour is something that matches well with a lot of items in my wardrobe.
  • Beige Shorts: I have more than enough denim shorts or black shorts – time to get a nice neutral colour in shorts
  • Pastel mini skirt: I don’t have any skirts in this colour but I feel like I should because I know it works on me.
  • Pastel Pink Handbag: Something I’ve wanted for a long time and would match a lot of items in my wardrobe.

I know this seems like a big shopping list, but I obviously don’t have to buy all of those things. The best thing about the capsule wardrobe is that many of these items will be used in other seasons as well. I generally have a colour pallet with accents of pink and blue, so I feel that buying things in these colours is a good choice. If I do buy them, it is likely they will be carried over to another season.

Stay tuned to see what I actually use for my Spring Capsule Wardrobe!

Vintage Barbie xoxo

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