Decision made: budget fashion blogger

I’ve been thinking today. I was wondering how fashion bloggers afford their clothes. Do they have massive debts? Are they rich? Do they get given free clothes? Do they sell clothes shortly after buying them? Or do they constantly return clothes to stores?

Outfit from

A completely different outfit on an earlier day

Another gorgeous outfit – how does she keep up with it?

How can they possibly afford it all?

I would love to keep up with fashion trends like fashion bloggers do, but I just can’t afford it.

As I still want to blog about fashion, I’ve decided to focus on budget fashions. I will stick to the Target and Kmart heels. I will still buy my basics from Supre. And my jeans will probably only ever be from Forever New. I’m not going to change my spending habits for this blog.

This dressed received plenty of compliments.. But only cost me $14.95!

So I’ve decided I am going to be a budget fashion blogger. I’m going to create a work capsule wardrobe on a budget. I’m going to style myself for a wedding or the races using a combination of new and old items. I’m going to show you how I make my own headpieces or upcycle old clothes.

I hope that this direction will show my bloggers that money doesn’t always buy style. You can and will be stylish on a budget.




2 thoughts on “Decision made: budget fashion blogger

  1. myobt says:

    I only know one fashion blogger (and since I’m revealing her secret, I’m not going to say who), but what she does is maxes out her credit card “buying” high-fashion items, has herself photographed in them, and returns them immediately. I could never risk it, because I’m way too klutzy. I’d be likely to tear, stain, and otherwise maim the clothes before I managed to return them.

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