What I packed for Europe

I suppose I should actually do the blog post on what I packed for my Europe trip.

I was in such a rush before I left Australia that I didn’t get to post it beforehand. I originally wanted to post it and see what my readers thought, but life got in the way and I did the typical last minute pack.

After travelling for just over 2 weeks, I already have regrets on what I have packed and what I didn’t pack. There’s definitely quite a few things I haven’t worn yet, but I suppose I haven’t been to the places where I’ll need them. Am I just trying top justify overpacking? Probably.

Well here is the list, in pictures, of what I packed. (Please excuse the clarity of the pictures – they were taken in my hotel room, at night, with my iphone :/)


Ok so I accidentally deleted this photo when trying to write this post… Now I can’t find it at all… Hopefully you still get the same idea.

From left to right: plain brown K-mart fitted tee, speckled grey Just Jeans oversized tee, white Forever New loose tee, pink lace and chiffon button up shirt, white Valleygirl peplum, white with black tribal pattern Bardot tank, beige crocheted crop tee, plain black Forever New bodysuit, plain white Supre singlet.

I picked three tees in basic colours so I could wear them on casual days and so they could mix and match easily. I’ve worn all of them so far and know I will continue to wear them as I travel. Same goes for the white singlet. I’ve worn the tribal print shirt twice because I love it and it’s a great summer peice. The peplum was also good for dressing up an outfit without being too dressy. I’ve worn the crocheted top more than I thought I would which is great!

I’m yet to wear the bodysuit or pink top though. I know I will because I love both of them. The bodysuit will be great for travel days but can also be worn with some of my skirts and worn with a statement necklace to dress up an outfit. The pink top is my pop of colour in the shirts wardrobe, and I’m sure I will wear it more in the coming weeks.

I also forgot to take a photo of my plain beige button up Valleygirl shirt, as it was being washed.


The long sleeve tops consisted of: denim button up shirt, white with black polka dots Forever New button up shirt, striped 1/2 sleeve Forever New thin knit top.
I’ve only worn the denim shirt so far, and that was for my travel days on the plane. It’s just so effortless to throw the denim shirt over an outfit, yet it looks so stylish and polished. The other 2 shirts I love, and I know I’ll wear them in the coming weeks.
Cream Forever New thin trench coat, black with floral print chiffon jacket by Ice Design, tan Just Jeans leather jacket, 1/2 sleeve light pink Forever New jacket, plain black Ice Design cardigan.
I wore the trench as I got onto my flight when I left Sydney, and I said I would need it for London and the Swiss Alps…. That’s about a month away so we will have to see how useful it becomes! I kinda wish I didn’t pack my leather jacket now. I do love it but it’s not necessary and I don’t think I’ll need it, considering I have my trench coat for when it gets cold. Plus it’s extra weight in my suitcase… But the floral chiffon top was great as a coverup for a boat tour in The Greek Islands. I’ll definitely be using it again in Croatia. I am yet to wear the blazer and the cardigan. I’m unsure if I actually should have packed these two last items…
Pants and skirts:
Blue Supre high waisted fitted skirt, black Ally high waisted fitted skirt, navy blue high waisted shorts, black with lace trim Ice Design shorts, high waisted Ice Design denim shorts.
I love the blue skirt – it’s one of my favourites and I’ve worn it already. The black skirt is a staple and I’ve worn it with the peplum for a dressy night outfit. I feel like I’ve lived in my denim shorts, and the black lace trim shorts have also been a great item to bring with me. I’m yet to wear the blue shorts though. I bought them before I left and I just don’t know if they suit me or not.
Dusty pink Forever New high waisted maxi skirt, plain black Supre leggings, Blue Forever New jeggings.
I have already worn both the maxi and leggings twice during this trip. The high waisted skirt has been great for sightseeing days, and the leggings are great for travel days. Whilst I haven’t worn the jeggings, I know I will in the coming weeks, so I know they were worth packing.
Black and white striped oversize dress, Quicksilver denim button up sleeveless dress, Ally white and navy striped dress, Bardot leopard print dress, Motel Rocks red floral dress, Forever New black skater dress, Forever New pink floral bustier dress.
I also forgot to photograph another dress that was being washed – white pleated Forever New Dress.
I have worn almost all these dresses except for the pink one. The black and white striped one has been excellent for travel days and sightseeing days – it’s just so comfy! I’ve used the denim dress as a beach cover multiple times, as it means I can easily go from beach to bar. The Ally dress is best thrown over swimwear, as the slightest breeze lifts the dress up and exposes my bum! I love the leopard print dress and I have worn it with the crocheted top over the top of it. The red floral dress is a great going out dress but also works during the day. The black dress is my favourite little black dress, which I wore at home for both day and night, so I know it will be worn plenty of times throughout this trip. But when it comes to the pink one, I love it, but I kinda wish I left it at home.
Forever New blue and white printed maxi, Forever New black strapless maxi.
I love both of these dresses. The black one has already been worn multiple times with a top covering up my shoulders to stop me from being burnt, and it looks like I’ve got a black maxi skirt on – talk about versatility! The blue one has only been worn once, in Santorini, and mainly because it is my “Santorini dress”. I’m sure I will wear it again, but it probably won’t be many times.
From left to right, top to bottom: black Big W heels, Kmart beige cork wedges, Big W white embellished sandals, black lace Forever New ballet flats, black canvas Kmart shoes, dark brown Cotton On flip flops.
I’ve worn all the flats so far. I only started wearing the canvas shoes in the last few days tho, as they weren’t exactly appropriate for my beachside activities. I thought I would have worn my heels out in Mykonos and Santorini, but everyone just wore flats. I’m starting to regret bringing both my heels and wedges, but I have a feeling once I reach Western Europe, I will use them more often.
Black and white polka dot Forever New scarf, black and pink floral Forever New scarf, Forever New leopard print scarf, pink leopard print scarf.
I’ve only used the brown leopard print and floral scarves so far, and only on travel days. I probably didn’t need to bring the other two, but I love the black with white spots scarf so I had to bring it. I also thought that the pink leopard print scarf would be a good idea as it is a smaller scarf and it could be used as a cover up for religious sights, without taking up too much space in my handbag. In hindsight, I probably should have left this pink leopard print scarf at home.
Beige Forever New handbag, black multi zip cross body bag.
I only brought two bags along with me and I’m happy with that. The black bag is good for going out at night, or for quick day trips when I don’t need to bring the whole handbag. It’s also good for using when flying instead of using a big handbag. Now the beige bag broke on my first day so I was a big annoyed about that. I went and bought another beige handbag, which is actually better because it’s more practical.
Naturally, I will go shopping when travelling and buy bits and pieces. On my first day I bought a few things that I forgot to pack like more underwear (I definitely didn’t pack enough!), ankle socks (I didn’t even think to pack these), new sunglasses (I only bought one pair and they are a bit too out there for travel in Eastern Europe).
Then when I was by myself in Thessaloniki, I hit the shops and found some great pieces:
Most of these items I should have packed but didn’t. Here’s why I bought them:
  1. Plain thin & stretchy skater dress. This is a great day dress that takes up a minimal amount of space in luggage, is lightweight and can be worn both casually and dressed up. Cost €9,99.
  2. Floral skater dress. Whilst I didn’t need to buy this, it’s absolutely my style so I felt that I had to buy it. It’s was a great fit and it was on sale for €6,99.
  3. Plain grey tank. I really just wanted a good tank for casual days. I think I underestimated how much casual wear I should have brought along with me. Good thing it was only €4,99. Although, it’s kinda become a PJ top, I’m sure I’ll still wear it for casual outfits.
  4. Sheer printed button up sleeveless shirt. I did bring along my pink one, it is nice to have a printed one that can be thrown over swimwear and still look nice. I didn’t need this but I really liked it, and it was also on sale for €4,99.
  5. Beige stretchy maxi dress. I probably didn’t really need this, but this skirt is so versatile – because of the stretchy material and style, it can be worn as a dress or a maxi skirt. You can change the length and the style of if by rolling up the top hem, and I think it is a nice item that you can dress up with accessories.
  6. Printed pants. These are the perfect travel clothing – they are lightweight, comfy and stylish. It seems that everyone in Europe wears these and they are a steal at the markets for only €5
  7. Navy blue and white striped maxi dress (not pictured). This dress is actually amazing. It’s so comfy and cool on hot days, and it’s super stylish with the low back and ruffles. This style of dress is all around Greece right now, so I definitely felt stylish wearing it.
In hindsight, I would have packed differently, but I am only a few weeks into my trip, so we will have to wait and see how I feel about everything in a few weeks.


Until then,


Love Vintage Barbie xoxo




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