My Travel Beauty Essentials

A little while ago I created a set on Polyvore about my travel beauty essentials.  Here is what I came up with:


Travel beauty essentials


These are items that I have taken with me on previous trips, and items that I regularly use. I think it’s important to take along items that you use regularly when travelling – I definitely wouldn’t recommend trying out completely new products when on the road for a significant time. If it’s just a week, I’m sure you’ll be alright. But more than a week and things might go a little awry… for example you can aggravate your skin or dry out your hair. Or it may not work the way you want it and then you’re carrying around a product you don’t need.

So with that in mind I picked products I used every day. With my list you can see a lot of The Body Shop products. This is because I have used a lot of these products in the past and know that they work for me. Also, the Redken hair product is something that I used to use a lot to keep my hair healthy, so it was considered an essential back then.

Now that it is closer to my trip, I have started to rethink this list and have come up with something a little different… I will be posting that shortly so stay tuned for an updated list about my travel beauty essentials…

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