2 weeks until my Europe Adventure begins…

I’m a little bit all over the place with life right now. We just moved from our tiny two bedroom apartment to our new home, which is like a mansion compared to our old place! I’ve been busy all weekend working as usual, but I also had to unpack our belongings into our new home as well.

It’s making me feel a little stressed… I need to unpack as much as I can so I can pack for Europe. It’s making me anxious and worried about forgetting things. I’m very excited about my trip, and so happy about my new home, but with everything happening at once, it’s making me nervous and anxious.

There’s so many things I need to do over the next fortnight:

  1. Go to an Intimo party at my friends house tomorrow
  2. Getting my hair done Wednesday (bye bye barbie blonde…)
  3. Got a work meeting on Thursday night.
  4. Working Friday night.
  5. Hens weekend in the Hunter Valley from Saturday till Monday.
  6. My work farewell next Wednesday.
  7. Tristan’s birthday is Thursday week so I’ve got plans for that.
  8. Working Saturday, then possible a catch up dinner with friends before I leave.

Then it’s off to Sydney on the Sunday before flying out on Monday night.

And in between all of that I need to unpack and organise our house, and pack for Europe. EEEEEEK! I’m starting to stress a bit. So I’m creating checklist and to do lists and the like to get me organised and stop me from stressing out about everything… I’ll post a checklist on here this week so you guys can see how I prepare for a trip. 🙂

In the meantime I’m thinking that I should have a bubble bath in my new bathroom tonight…

Until next time

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