Almost half way to reaching my fundraising goal


I’ve been going pretty good with my fundraising initiative so far – I’m almost at half way to my fundraising goal. I am aiming to raise $1500.00 by the end of July.

To encourage donations I have given up alcohol for 3 months. For some people, this is easy. For me, its definitely a challenge! I enjoy my drinking. I am used to having a drink at least 3 times a week – whether it’s relaxing with a glass of wine after a long day at work, or if it’s sipping on ciders with friends at a BBQ. Of course there’s also many times when I enjoy a few cocktails and some shots…

The Sober Girl

I can definitely have fun without alcohol, but it’s not easy being the person who isn’t drinking.

For example, last weekend I went to a friends party. It was BYO and everyone was drinking away. Meanwhile, I sipped on my Coca Cola. When I wasn’t drinking, people kindly offered me a drink, which I had to decline of course. Most of the time people would not take no for an answer… then I had to explain why I am not drinking. I’m don’t mind explaining my cause, but it’s not easy explaining it over loud music to intoxicated people.

Then the jelly shots came out… I LOVE jelly shots! It was sad for me to say no. But I was strong and politely declined whilst everyone else sucked the jelly out of the shot glass. On the same night I almost got sprayed in the mouth with the watergun filled with booze. And of course one of my friends literally drenched me in her drink and demanded that I lick it off my arm (Just to note – no alcohol touched my lips or tongue…)

The Challenge Continues

It’s not easy being the sober person. In fact, it feels kinda awkward.

This just shows how much of a challenge it is for me. That is why I set it as a challenge – because I knew it would be a challenge. I knew it wouldn’t be easy, but I knew that it would be worth it.

It’s worth it because I am raising money for my volunteer program in Cambodia. (For more info on my program click here) I am almost half way to reaching my fundraising goal. I’ve raised $660.00 in 2.5 months. But there’s still a little while to go.

Reaching that Fundraising Goal

I hope that I can reach my fundraising goal soon. After all, I need to pay for my flights to and from Cambodia, as well as my volunteer program. The longer I leave booking flights, the more expensive they get. And I’ve got to pay off my volunteer program a while before I leave.

I’ve been pushing for donations on my social media platforms because I think it’s a good way to get the message out there.

I’m hoping that people can make a donation to help me out, even if it’s only $5 or $10. My younger sister donated $10 and a friend donated $15, even though they are both students with minimal income. I just think that is so generous and kind of them to do that. I’ve been blessed with a generous donation of $100 from another friend, as well as $300 from my parents. I’m so thankful for the generosity of my family and friends so far.

Every donation will get me one step closer to my goal.

Please help me reach my goal so I can volunteer my time in a developing country to help with human rights issues.



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