A Weekday Lunch at Suga-Cube



Once a month we have a ‘ladies lunch’ at work. All the ladies in the office (there’s only about 7 of us) decide on a place to go for lunch. One person often opts to stay back to watch the front desk, and that’s normally the person with lots of work to catch up on. (Or in my case, me when I don’t have any money!)

In May we decided to go to Suga-Cube on the corner of Rudd & Moore Streets in the Canberra CBD. This little cafe is only open on weekdays, and it’s often full of office-working people waiting for a delicious coffee.

When I worked across the road from Suga-Cube, we used to get our coffees from there. They are good coffees! It’s one place that I know I will get a coffee and not be disappointed! And the great thing is, it’s had great coffee for years. It’s not one of those passing things. I’ve been in Canberra for 7 years and in those 7 years I have been to Suga-Cube many times – I have never had a bad coffee from there!

Now lunch is another thing… I think I had lunch at Suga-Cube once upon a time… but it’s never a place I think about going to get lunch. Probably because most of the pick-and-go lunches are sandwiches, which are not gluten free.

On this occasion the 6 of us sat down at a nice table in the back corner. We were greeted by a young waitress who took our drink orders. We then had another lady come to our table shortly after this to ask us if we would like to make drink orders. Although we had already made the drink orders, she went on to tell us about the specials. Then the younger waitress later returned to take our food orders. A little bit disorganised but nice to see that they were attentive and quick to take the orders.

I normally order risotto, but today I decided to try something different. I tried the Moussaka on the specials board, along with my standard soy latte.

The latte was delicious, as usual. Perfect amount of foam on top of the latte, and the coffee tasted yum.

The Moussaka came  on a plate as a slab (as expected) and a very generous side salad. The salad was fresh and I enjoyed the dressing on it. Now that Moussaka – yum yum yum! I was a little worried that the eggplant could be overcooked, or the potato could be under cooked, but they were both cooked exactly right. Then the bologanaise mixture was like a rich tomatoey goodness. The moussaka was topped off with a good hint of bechamel sauce. I was glad that it wasn’t completely covered with bechamel sauce, because sometimes people ruin lasagna & moussaka with too much bechamel sauce. And there also wasn’t too much cheese on top as well. There was a perfect balance of flavours and I enjoyed every bite of the meal!

I am also glad that I didn’t pick the risotto… two of the ladies dining with us picked risotto and did not seem to enjoy it. They said that it was watery and flavourless. They said they could taste some light tomato flavour, but that was about it. The dish kinda looked like a watered down risotto as well… I’m glad that I opted for the delicious moussaka instead 🙂

Either way, I would recommend Suga-Cube for a nice weekday lunch, and I’m sure I’ll be back there for lunch soon.

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