Ultra Music Festival Outfit Ideas

I have been to many music festivals in Australia. I used to live for them. I went to as many as I could and spent the majority of my money on going to music festivals.

In recent years, there has definitely been a decline in my attendance rate at music festivals. The reason being that 1 – many music festivals have been cancelled, and 2 – my money priorities have been elsewhere.

So I’m pretty stoked that I am going to Ultra Music Festival in Split, Croatia this year. But, as always, I need to figure out what to wear!

Normally, this would be fine, but this time I’m travelling to the other side of the globe to go to a festival. I have to remember that what I take with me needs to be able to be mixed and matched with other items – They also have to be versatile enough to wear for other occasions. And of course, I can’t bring too much because I have luggage weight restrictions.

So I’m generating some ideas of what to wear. Once again, I’ve jumped onto Polyvore and created some cute outfits. Here they are:


festival fun


The classic festival look for day one: denim shorts, funky bustier crop, canvas shoes and a flower crown.


Blue ice

With the festival starting in the afternoon and ending late at night, the day is for chilling out and relaxing. This outfit is good for having a late lunch and loungeing around for the fun begins.



Here’s another classic festival outfit, with a bit of gold bling. The black shorts worn during the day can also be used again – meaning there’s less to pack in my suitcase 😉


Summer days

Perfect bright and playful combination for the boat party during the day!


Boho chic

It’s super easy to throw these items together and walk out the door. Great for the third day when I will just want something that’s stylish but not too much effort. The hat also means I don’t have to do my hair 😉


Pretty in pastel and denim


This outfit is similar to one I wore to Future Music Festival earlier this year, but it is also great for exploring the sights and chilling out before the next fun day…


Beach party

Ultra Beach Party is a few days after the festival. This kind of outfit means that I can go swimming but still look polished afterwards, and when it cools down at night I can add the fringed kimono for that glamorous look.


All of these looks have been based around items I already own, so I can help myself decide on what to wear. It’s good to know that I can make great outfits out of things I already own. Now I just have to decide on what to take overseas and what to leave at home…

Vintage Barbie signature

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