Product Review – Napoleon Perdis Eyeshadow Palette + Free Gift Bag


A little while ago I had my makeup done at the Napoleon Perdis makeup counter in Myer for a photo shoot I did with Jessica Rue.

When I was getting my makeup done I noticed that there was a promotion ending that weekend, where you got a free bag of goodies when you buy over $79 worth of products. Looking at the picture of the items in the bag, I thought it was worth buying something. I remembered that I was getting low on my neutral eyeshadow palette so I should probably buy a new one that will be great for travel, and then I can get the freebies as well. Here’s my review:


Spooley Brush: I had never bought or used one of these before, but I am so glad I bought it now! It kind of looks like a mascara brush, but it is used for your eyebrows. It is great for brushing out and blending colour in your eyebrows to give a more natural look. I’ve also been told you can spray hairspray onto the brush and brush it over your brows to make them stay in place. I’m yet to try that trick!

Eyeshadow Palette: I chose the same palette that was used on my eyes for the photo shoot. It was a good mixture of light and dark neutral colours which could easily be used for either day or night makeup. The top two colours are perfect for the lid, highlighting and blending, with the bottom two colours being great for the crease and to create a smokey eye look. There are plenty of other colour combinations available. But I thought this one would be best for me and great for travel.


Free Bag: The handbag that stored the freebies is actually a really nice handbag. Often when you get a free gift handbag, the bag is thin and flimsy. But this handbag is actually good quality! I have already used it as a day bag to take to work with my umbrella, high heels, jumper and lunchbag stored in it. There was even room for some sneaky shopping I did one day…(shhhh). It definitely has made my bus rides to and from work a bit easier.

Nail Polish: This full sized polish comes in a neutral tone. I like this colour and think it will be a good travel beauty product. It dries really quickly, and has a nice matte finish. I’ve actually been wearing this one a lot lately! 🙂

Primer: I was a little disappointed that this only came in the travel size, as this was one of the items I was particularly looking forward to. I know that you only need a little bit of the primer, but I feel like I might use it all in one go! Nonetheless it is a good travel size. I will probably go and buy the full size one soon. The primer is light and glides on. It sets into the skin quickly so it would be easy for foundation to be applied not longer after.

Foundation: Once again, disappointing that it came in a mini version (Also a bit strange that you didn’t get to pick a colour, you were just given whatever colour is in the bag…) The foundation is light, but I feel like it doesn’t have the best coverage. I think I’ll stick with my MAC foundation for the time being.

Blush: This one came a the normal size and it is a really nice natural looking colour. I often use very pink or very bronze blushes, so to have this one is a good change from the normal colours. It probably would be too big for me to take when travelling, but I will definitely use it when I return back from my travels.

Lipgloss: It has a yummy bubblegum smell – just like the bubblegum balls everyone would eat as a kid! The problem is that I found it quite thick and sticky. And it’s not easy to apply – you would need a brush or have to use your finger to apply the gloss. I like glosses that I can put straight onto my lips, rather than getting my fingers sticky. Nonetheless, its a nice colour with a bit of sparkle.

Complimentary Makeup Session: This will definitely be useful when I have a special event! But I should probably check when it needs to be used by…


Overall Review: I am really happy with Napoleon Perdis products. They have a nice light finish and work well with other products as well. I normally use a combination of MAC products (especially lipstick and foundation) and The Body Shop products, and Napoleon Perdis products seems to work well with these other products. This is definitely important, as I will never be one to use only one brand of products (and I’m sure a lot of other people will agree with me on that one!)


Have any of you tried a Napoleon Perdis eyeshadow palette? Or do you have a favourite eyeshawdow palette that you just can’t live without? Comment below and share your thoughts 🙂


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One thought on “Product Review – Napoleon Perdis Eyeshadow Palette + Free Gift Bag

  1. Carol Sanchez says:

    Where can I find it and how much is it?

    Carol in Plano Texas

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