Getting Bikini Ready

Now that the countdown is on for my big Europe trip, I’ve started worrying about being able to fit into my bikini. Afterall, half of my trip will be island hoping and beach-style accommodation. And then of course I have Ultra Music Festival and the beach parties that follow.

I need to be bikini body ready.

So last week I started a bikini-body-blitz.

I’ve started the 30 day squat challenge. For those of you who have never heard of this before, here’s the picture that sets out the challenge:



I’m up day 7 and hoping to start seeing some results soon 🙂


I’ve also started doing an ab challenge:



I’ve decided that starting on Sunday I will start getting up early to go for a run. I hate getting up early, but I need to do exercise first thing in the morning or it wont happen (well without a gym membership it wont).

As well as that I’m eating a healthy diet of  porridge and fruit or an egg white omelette for breakfast, brown rice, tuna and veggies for lunch, and a dinner with lots of fresh veggies and a small serving of meat. I’m trying to stay away from eating too many carbs late at night.

Hopefully the combination of this will lead to me being bikini ready by mid-June!

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