Fashion in the Street

A little while back I got to participate in Brian Miller’s Fashion in the Street project. It was a quick little lunchtime shoot where we walked around the centre of Canberra City and took some fun photos. I chose the outfit and styled the look myself, so I could really express my own sense of style. Here’s some of the pics from this shoot:

Fashion in the Street-0425

Photographer – Brian Miller. Model – Me. Hair, Makeup and Styling – Me. Location – Garema Place, Canberra City.


Wearing: Skirt & Blazer from Valleygirl; Shirt, Earrings and Necklace from Big W; Bag from eBay, Shoes from Kmart, Bracelet from Diva.


This look cost me under $100 – it really is easy to look stylish for work without spending a fortune!


This plain white button up shirt is a staple in my wardrobe.


The wind picked up as we walked through the streets… and the wind seemed to pick up my skirt a little bit too! Those in-the-moment photos are always the best photos – this was definitely the shot of the day 🙂

Fashion in the Street-0442

The Exhibition

After this project, Brian had an exhibition with a selection of some of the shots he took over the many months of this project. It was really exciting to see myself up on a wall 🙂





Brian did a great job at capturing every day fashion from both models and people passing by. Make sure you check out Brian’s blog by clicking here

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