A Sobering Fundraising Initiative

I have last 2 months of my 3 month’s of sobriety.

For those of you who don’t know, I’ve given up alcohol for 3 months to try and raise money for my volunteer program in Cambodia later this year. See my Donate page for more information.

I have to say it hasn’t been easy. This is what I have experienced so far:

  • I have been to parties where I sit sober, sip on my Diet Coke and watch everyone else get drunk. Unfortunately, it’s not that fun. Drunk people are annoying to sober people.
  • On the Easter long weekend I went to my boyfriends mum’s place where their wine cellar is bigger than our loungeroom. Bottles upon bottles of delicious, expensive and varying wines… and not one sip was taken. [Sigh…]
  • My friends birthday dinner when we went for ‘drinks’ afterwards. I got to stand around smelling the delicious cocktails… I can still remember the delicious smell now…
  • My regular weeknights at the club no longer involve a hard earned cider. No, just a Diet Coke for me thanks.
  • My boyfriend went and bought a nice bottle of wine for us to share for a lovely weekend night at home together… but then he remembered that I’m not drinking. (Have to feel a little bad for the poor fella trying to do something nice for his lady).
  • After a few 13 hour days in a row, I would love to unwind with a glass of red wine… especially because I quit the gym. So now that I don’t have a way to unwind, I need to find another way to relax after a long, stressful and tiring day at my multiple jobs.

Don’t get me wrong – I can certainly have fun without alcohol. In fact, I have started feeling more motivated and attentive during the week. So I have noticed the difference in my mind and body.

But, we Aussies, we love to drink. Drinking is just part of our culture. And I enjoy indulging in our favourite past-time.

In the next month I still have an engagement party, a good friends birthday party, a hens weekend away, my boyfriends birthday and my last day of work (usually celebrated with champagne and wine)… all of which I have to be completely sober for.

So I ask that people please support me. Even a small donation will help me make a difference.

It hasn’t been easy, and there is still more to come, but knowing that people are supporting my cause makes it all worth it.

Please show you support and make a donation on my fundraising page by clicking here. Secure donations can be made via PayPal.

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