Take 2 – European Summer Packing List inspired by Travel Fashion Girl

After posting my European Summer Packing List inspired by Travel Fashion Girl, a reader pointed out that the items did not match well. I realised this before posting, but thought I would keep it to show some idea about what to pack.

I’ve decided to re-do this pic with some better choices that give you more options. So here is take 2 on my European Packing List Inspired by Travel Fashion Girl:

European Summer Packing List

The list includes:

  • 3 short sleeve tops: dark grey tea, white button up sleeveless shirt, pink sleeveless shirt. The grey one is super casual and because it is plain you can change it up with different accessories. The white collared one can be layered or worn on its own. The pink sleeveless shirt adds a bit of colour to the tops so you can make your outfits more interesting.
  • 2 tanks: The beige and off white tanks. The neutral colours mean that it’s easier to layer and mix and match.
  • 2 long sleeve tops: the denim shirt and the beige chiffon collared top. The denim one is perfect for layering and can easily be used as a jacket. The chiffon top could also work for layering, or for a cute night time top.
  • 2 dresses: a plain black skater dress, and a casual stripe dress. The black dress, although a little casual in design, can be dressed up with different accessories and layering. It will work in lots of different situations. The stripe dress is a comfy day dress, but again can be dressed up with accessories.
  • 2 shorts: one denim and one dressier black pair. I was going to choose a black mini skirt again, but the black shorts might be more practical, and they can easily be dressed up because of the fabric. And it’s good to have a nice pair of denim shorts in summer. Great for the travel days when its warm but you still want to be comfortable.
  • 1 skirt: Grey maxi skirt. The maxi skirt is great for travelling and should be a travel essential. This one is a stretchy fabric, so you could easily pull it up above your chest and turn it into a strapless dress – just use the belt to secure it under your chest. So versatile!
  • 1 pair of jeans: Dark denim jeans. The dark colour means you wont have to wash them as often
  • 1 pair of leggings: Black leggings. Leggings can be slept in, great for travel, layer under dresses or even wear in place of pants (as long as they’re not see-through leggings!)
  • 1 swimsuit: bustier style swimsuit. If you get a bustier style swimwuit, you can often wear this as a top (they can look like crop tops) with a high waisted skirt, or layer it with a chiffon / light shirt.
  • 1 knit: Pink button up cardigan. I chose a cardi to go over tops and dresses because it could effortlessly change an outfit whilst keeping you warm when it gets a bit chilly.
  • 1 scarf: leopard print scarf. I would probably bring more than one scarf, but my favourite kind of scarf is the leopard print or floral print. These two kinds of prints look great as scarves and can completely change the look of your outfit.
  • Sunglasses
  • Jewellery: I chose 2 necklaces, 1 pair of earrings and 1 watch. They are all gold so they will match each other if I wear any of them together.
  • Thongs: a necessity for travel
  • Comfortable walking shoes: I chose some dark canvas shoes because they look good with jeans and it isn’t too obvious when they are dirty.
  • Flats: Ballet flats are cute and casual and don’t weigh too much so are great for travel.

The extras:

Ok so I didn’t completely stick to the list this time. I added the blazer, the floral peplum top and the embelished gold top. I consider these the ‘going out’ clothes. I could have added a mini skirt too but decided that I should have enough options with the tops and the blazer. There’s also a hat, and two hair accessories – the bow and the spot tie scrunchie. Pretty sure the belt isn’t included in the original list either.  The strappy shoes with the slight heel were also an addition of mine, because they could be worn both day and night, and will instantly dress up an outfit.

So now I wanted to see if I could create different outfits with this packing list. Here are some of the outfit ideas and combinations…

Casual Black Dress Outfit Combinations:

Travel Fashion Outfit combinations - casual dresses
Scarves are great for travel. They completely change the look of an outfit. I only used one in my example, but I would recommend to pack a second one, either in a plain colour or a floral print.
As you can see from the above picture, shirts can be worn over the top or underneath this black dress. In my examples of wearing tops over the dress, you can turn the denim shirt into a jacket, and the white sleeveless shirt can be turned into a vest. Or you can wear them underneath and button up the shirts. Even the grey t-shirt looks good underneath the dress – giving the dress a casual-cool feel.

Dressy Black Dress Outfit Combinations:

Dressy travel fashion
Wearing jewellery or a chiffon shirt definitely makes the black dress look glammed up.

 Black Shorts Outfit Combinations:

shorts outfit combinations

As you can see, tucking a shirt into your shorts makes the outfit look completely different.

These kind of shorts can work well for both casual and dressier situations.

Jeans Outfit Combinations:

Jean outfit combinations

Note that the third outfit uses the striped dress – if you have a dress that is a light fabric, you can normally fold it up to turn it into a top. Now you have even more outfit options with your dress!

Dressy jean combinations
Now here’s some dressy options for the jeans.

Striped Dress Outfit Combinations:

Striped dress outfit combinations

I’ve realised that I can come up with many different outfit combinations with only a few items! I never knew there were this many options available! This will definitely help me when it comes time to pack for my 10 week Europe adventure.

Until next time

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