Chocolate Heaven at Koko Black



I have been to this place many times and every time I go back I remember why I went there in the first place – so much deliciousness you walk away with a full tummy and plenty of chocolate-responsible-endorphins running around your head.

If you’re going to break your diet, then this is the best place to do it at… hehehe…

Koko Black is perfect all year round – ice cream and iced chocolates in summer, and hot chocolate and cakes in winter. So so yum.

The staff are very friendly too. I have never had a problem with customer service from Koko Black staff – they are always attentive and helpful without being too much in your face with the “how can I help you today?” business.

Today I chose the hot chocolate and the Salted Carmel Delice. I already knew that the hot chocolate would be amazing because I had one the day before as a takeaway. (It’s definitely worth getting a takeaway one if you don’t have time to sit down and enjoy it).

Menu at Koko Black

Menu at Koko Black

One way to describe the hot chocolate : liquid orgasm. It is so rich it is like drinking melted chocolate. But it isn’t too thick – there is still the right consistency to make it perfect as an afternoon pick-me-up, but could also be a dessert.

I wasn’t going to stop at the hot chocolate today. No – I definitely wanted to try some desserts. I hadn’t been for some time, so I couldn’t remember what I had eaten previously. But I did remember eating the Mousse Martini a few times before. Oh my gosh… I would be surprised if you could finish it! I have a lot of room in my tummy but I definitely have trouble finishing this devine mousse. That’s why I normally go for the baby mousse now.

Today I decided to go with a different dish. I decided to not have chocolate as I was already going to order the hot chocolate. I wanted to get the raspberry dome but part of it is not gluten free so I decided it would be best to stay away from it.

Instead, I chose the Salted Caramel Delice. WOW.

Salted Caramel Dlice

Salted Caramel Dlice

This caramel-like mousse is on top of a biscuit-like layer, with a caramel sauce and curled toffee. The toffee broke easily with the spoon, showing that it had been made to perfection. It was also a great addition to the mouse and biscuit, creating delicious texture for the dish.

And that caramel mousse… It just melted in my mouth. So yum. The caramel sauce was devine as well, and there was definitely plenty in the small sauce jug. If I was Manu off My Kitchen Rules I would be very happy with the amount of sauce in this dish!

I also had some mouthfuls of my friends degustation tasting plate. The plate included 5 small servings of some of Koko Black’s finest and most popular desserts. Aimed to be shared between 2 people, you could easily share this between a table of four because of how rich the dish is you could easily just eat it yourself because it’s too delicious to share 😉


The chocolate icecream was creamy and smooth with a light chocolate flavour. This was a perfect break in between the other dishes like the chocolate mouse, which I’ve already said is very rich and filling. There was also a smaller version of the strawberry dome, which had been sprayed with raspberries over the light mouse covering the chocolate and milk chocolate dome. I only had a bite of the strawberry mousse but it was very good. A perfect choice to team up with the rich chocolate flavours in the dish. I also had a small bite of the affogato cake (which is not gluten free and I did feel a lot of pain later for this test taste… ) and I loved the rich coffee flavours in the cake. It was layered like a parfait and had some really nice textures to it.

I felt very full after my food, and did not regret one bite (ok except maybe the non gluten free bite…)

I would definitely recommend people to go to Koko Black. It is the perfect place to catch up with friends. But it does get booked out pretty quickly, so you may need to make a booking if you can. Sitting outside in winter isn’t too bad because they have those lovely warm heaters over the top of the tables, but I would probably still go for an inside table in winter if I could.

Also inside, you will see the amazing selection of bite sized chocolates you can take home for yourself. My favourite is the love heart shaped chocolates with strawberry flavour inside. They come in both milk chocolate and dark chocolate coatings and are sooo good.

Koko black also makes great gifts. You can choose a selection of chocolates to give to a special someone or even just select some to take home for yourself… Hehe


Until next time…

Vintage Barbie xo

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