Beach Burrito, Canberra City


Last weekend I went to catch up with one of my friends at Beach Burrito in Canberra City. This place has been around for a little while now, but it seems many people in Canberra don’t know about this little place so I thought I would share my experience with you.

Beach Burrito is a Mexican eatery with a fun vibe. It’s clearly aimed at 18-30 year olds with its funky decor and frozen tequila mixes over the bar. Staff are really friendly and it would be a great place to catch up with friends whether it’s just for dinner, or for some well earnt drinks after work.

I have been here once before. The first time it was for drinks. One word – delicious! But as that was some time ago and I can’t remember what drink I had (I swear alcohol had nothing to do with that…) I am going to stick with my review of the food this time around.

We got to Beach Burrito at around 6pm. It was pretty quiet for a Saturday night but I had a feeling the freezing cold had something to do with that. We sat down in one of the booths up the back of the place. My friend was set on the Quesadilla’s and I decided on a Burrito Bowl.


The Food

I was a little bit shocked surprised to see that the Burrito Bowl meant the bowl was actually a burrito. I thought I had chosen a gluten free option – i.e. a burrito, but instead of the filling being in a tortilla, the filling would be in a bowl. Well, that’s obviously a blonde moment because the menu does actually state that this is what they offer in a ‘tortilla bowl’.


I ate the filling anyway, and just tried to avoid the bowl.

In this Mucho Burrito Bowl, I had pork, chicken and beef. I expected them to be separated slightly so I could taste them individually, but it seemed they were all mixed up together in the bowl. This was disappointing because I wanted to enjoy them separately AND together. Nonetheless it was still delicious. There were also beans, onion, tomato, lettuce, cheese and salsa. It was a delicious combination of everything I wanted in my burrito. This meal is great for someone who can’t decide on what to have – you get the best of many burritos in one!

I have to say the best part of the dish was the guacamole. The guac was chunky and fresh, and it’s absolutely delish! I wish there was more! There is a heap of sour cream with the dish and I would have preferred to swap some of the sour cream for more guacamole because I felt like there was too much leftover at the end.

I finished the entire bowl (and left just the burrito base). I think that the lack of carbs meant that I wasn’t full after dinner, but I was satisfied.

There aren’t too many gluten free options on the menu though. Even though I didn’t actually eat the burrito bowl/base, I still felt sick afterwards. Obviously I got some crumbs of gluten in the meat that I was scooping out with a fork. It’s a shame that there’s not more gluten free options because I really enjoyed the taste of the food and the flavour combinations.

Staff are also helpful and friendly and that always makes a difference between a good and a great meal.


The Verdict

I would give it 3.5 stars out of 5. It’s definitely good, but the lack of gluten free burrito/taco/nacho options are a big downer for me (especially because they are my favourite foods). Hopefully in future they could add some gluten free options because if they did, I would certainly be there more often!


Bye for now,

Vintage Barbie xo

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