Staying Sober for a Cause…

I am so proud of myself. I am also a little bit shocked – I’ve lasted over 6 weeks of being sober and it has not been easy. I never realized how hard it is to be “the person who isn’t drinking”. We have such a culture of drinking that people call you names, look down on you or just shun you because you have decided to take a step back from drinking. 

It would definitely be easier just to drink. 

I have had people offer me “just a sip” of their drink so many times I’ve lost count. But I said no alcohol for 3 months. So that means NO alcohol. Not even a sip. 

It’s made harder when people have delicious cocktails or wine and I can smell it from where I am…. It’s  not like I don’t want to drink, I just can’t. I made a commitment to no drinking and I’m sticking to it. Then there’s some people who have said, “You can have just one drink”, “Surely you can have something for a special occasion?”, “Just have a bit, we won’t tell anyone”, and “No one will know if you have a day off”. Well my answers are No, No, No and I would know. I’m not a dishonest person. And I’m not a cheater. If I have a drink, it’s cheating. And If I am still asking people to donate money to my cause, then that’s dishonest. 

I said I would go 3 months without drinking alcohol. I’m sticking to that commitment. I feel that I should be able to complete the rest of this challenge. It’s like the hump day of my challenge – it should be all down hill and smooth sailing from here…


Flashback – Enjoying a cold drink on Australia Day

So I hear you thinking “Why has she decided to give up drinking?” Well, dear friends, I have given up drinking to raise money for my volunteer program in Cambodia later this year.

I will be volunteering my time through International Volunteers HQ, and will be travelling to Cambodia to work with human rights NGO’s. Whilst at this stage I don’t know the full details of which organisation I will be helping (it depends on which NGO needs the help the most and how many other volunteers are in the country at the time) I know that I will be assisting with administrative tasks, typing briefs, helping with English skills and taking field trips to see the issues first hand. The organisations that I will be helping are likely to look after women’s rights, children’s rights, health issues and environmental problems. All of these topics have been of particular interest to me throughout my study at university. 

Now that I have graduated I finally have the time to be able to go help others. This is something I’ve wanted to do for over 4 years, and I decided that this year is the year to do it.

The thing that has held me back on this is the money situation. I need help from as many people as possible to make this happen. I need to pay for flights, vaccinations, a background check, accommodation before and after my flights, registration fee, my program fee and other miscellaneous expenses. The main concern is trying to pay for my flights (before they go up to ridiculous prices) and paying off my program fee. I have already paid for the vaccinations, background check and the registration fee. At this stage I need $1500 to pay off the remaining expenses.

I am obviously paying as much as I can out of my own pocket, but would be very, very appreciative of assistance and donations from other people. 

To donate towards my cause and support me in my sober journey, please click here to visit my fundraising page.

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