Road Trip Packing List

I’m on a mission. A mission to learn the art of packing, and packing light.

Packing light has never been one of my strengths…

On a week trip to Vanuatu I packed a suitcase that is about 85cm x 55cm x 30cm (yes – it’s probably the largest suitcase size that you could find!) and it was almost packed full. I packed at least 5 pairs of shoes, all my normal size toiletries, and who knows how many items of clothes. I was just under the airlines baggage allowance of 23kg.

It’s a little bit ridiculous.

I came home with so many clean clothes. The rational side of me knows how silly this is, but my inner diva simply must have all those clothes and accessories and beauty products… Just in case…

Well it’s time to stop being such a diva. Ok, maybe just a little bit of a diva, because I still want to look good and stylish. I just want to stop overpacking.

So I’m beginning to teach myself how to pack less. My first test is a road trip to the coast for the Easter long weekend.

It’s very easy to overpack when going on a road trip. You don’t have any weight restrictions and can take as much as you can fit onto the car. I often fall into this trap.

Not this time.

I actually planned things out.

I started by virtually planning what I wanted to take with me via Polyvore (I’m actually addicted to this website!) Here is what I came up with:


Autumn Long Weekend Road Trip Packing List

This packing list is pretty basic, but perfect for a weekend away. In 4 days, I can come up with a variety of outfits for different occasions. Here’s the breakdown and why I thought I should pack these items for my road trip vacation:

Jeans: a staple clothing item for Autumn. They are so versatile and will keep you warm at night.
Leggings: perfect for wearing in the car, or for cool days. They are also great for layering.
Plain dress: I’m picking a maxi dress in a thicker fabric. This is great for warmer days, and you can also fold or tie it up to make it a mini dress. You can also layer different tops with it and it’s great to wear in the car as well.
T-shirt: another staple to take with you. I would pick a solid colour that goes with all the other items.
Tank: another great staple for warmer days.
Thin jumper: definitely needed for the cooler Autumn nights, but thin so it’s not too hot during the day.
Leather jacket: great for both casual and dressy occasions, and will keep you warm
Chiffon cardigan: good for warm days when you still want to be slightly warm, or good for dressing up your outfits for dinners or lunches
Scarves: my favourite accessory for travel – they keep you warm and instantly makes your outfit stylish and fashionable
Jewellery: one long necklace and one short necklace would be all you need.
Hat: In autumn a nice felt hat is the best kind of hat to pack.
Beanie: just in case it gets really cold, or if you have a bad hair day
Boots: keep your feet warm and stylish
Flats: depending on what activities you will be doing, you should pack either some canvas shoes or ballet flats.
Sunglasses: don’t forget your sunnies (believe me, it’s easy to forget these!)
Belt: pack one that can be worn with jeans as well as a waist belt
After all that planning, this is what I packed:


My packing list: Forever New black maxi dress, Forever New Taylor jeans, Supre leggings, Cotton On plaid flannel shirt, Valleygirl brown jumper, Cotton On black long sleeve shirt, Jeans West grey t-shirt, Forever New black button up blouse, Just Jeans leather jacket, Forever New gold necklace, Big W silver heart necklace, Ruby Shoes grey ankle boots, Big W canvas black shoes, Big W ballet flats, Valleygirl brown belt (not pictured) Forever New sunglasses & case, Forever New black felt hat, Cotton On grey beanie, Cotton On fringe scarf, Ruby Shoes white fringe scarf (not pictured)

I decided on 3 pairs of shoes because I wanted some nice flats that were easy to take off and put back on, some boots to keep my feet warm, and some casual shoes for the activities I would be doing like going to the beach and fishing.

I also packed 2 extra tops from what I originally planned – a 3/4 sleeve plain black top because I was worried about getting cold at night, and a plaid shirt because it can be worn as a jacket and works well when it is layered with a jumper.

What I actually wore

Car ride: jeans, singlet, Flanny, jumper, leather jacket, canvas shoes, white scarf, gold necklace (I was freezing cold when we left early in the morning)

Fishing Trip: jeans, canvas shoes, singlet, Flanny, hat.


Fishing at Broulee Beach, South Coast, NSW

Dinner: leggings, singlet, jumper, necklace, ballet flats.

Beach day: shorts borrowed from my sister, grey shirt, chiffon jacket, canvas shoes, hat.


Morning Fishing with my sister and the boys

Afternoon family activities: black maxi dress, ballet flats, chiffon jacket

Night time lounging around: black maxi, jumper, leather jacket, ballet flats

Family breakfast and car ride home: stripped shirt, leggings, leather jacket, ballet flats, silver heart necklace


With my man before the car ride back home ❤

What I didn’t use: black long sleeve top, boots, extra scarf.

It ended up being a lot warmer than what the weather forecast said. I remember wanting to pack shorts but thought I shouldn’t because the weather forecast said it would be cool. I was lucky I could borrow shorts off my sister.

We ended up leaving a day earlier (we were unsure if we would stay an extra day) so the items I didn’t use I may have been used on the extra day. I’m pretty happy with what I packed – I feel that I almost have this packing thing under control. But next time I will pack those just-in-case shorts, especially because they could be layered with my leggings or stockings. And I might chose a plain dress that is a shorter length so I can layer it with tights or stockings.

So hopefully I have learnt something for the next time I pack my bags…

Until next time,

Vintage Barbie xo

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