Why am I doing this blog?

After writing my first post, I started thinking to myself “why exactly do I want to start a blog”. At first it seemed obvious – I want to write about travel. But what about when I’m not travelling? And what keeps me busy inbetween my adventures? So I started thinking of some more reasons behind why I want to write this blog, and what my readers could expect to see me write about.

1. Travel

When planning your travels you will often stumble upon travel blogs to inspire and guide you with your plans. I felt so inspired by other blogs such as Nomadic Matt’s Travel Site and Adventurous Kate, that I decided I wanted to do something similar and share my experiences whilst the world. (I have to note that I’m not expecting to have a fan base like these amazing bloggers, or to be able to write as well as either of them, but I am certainly inspired to write in the same blogging category…)

I know that I don’t have much experience in this thing. I did participate in the “Big Blogger” competition in High School, and it was pretty cool to share my experiences. (However I did learn first hand about trolls, which was not very good for my self esteem…) But that was 8 years ago and a lot has changed since then…

At 25, I want to connect with like minded people – the people filled with wanderlust, the fashion-savvy traveler, the travelling photographers, the people who mingle with locals and get a real glimpse of what a country is like…I also hope that my experiences could help other travelers, whether novice or experienced, and that my stories will be enriching and entertaining to those who read them.

To move, to breath, to fly, to float,

To gain all while you give

To roam the roads of lands remote:

To travel is to live.

So, primarily I thought that this blog would be a great way to keep connected with my friends and family back home when travelling, as well as sharing my own little tips and tricks. But whilst travel is a passion of mine (and is taking up a major part of my life for the time being) it is not my only passion…

2. Food

I thoroughly enjoy cooking. I find it relaxing… well, minus the cleaning part! I love cooking for my friends and family and I am notorious for sharing my food creations on social media – when you have beautiful food, why not show it off? So I asked myself, why not share some of my favourite recipes? After all, I often have people ask me how I make the delicious dishes seen on my Instagram account.


Out for Dinner at Hotel Edelweiss in Geneva, Switzerland


I also enjoy eating out and trying new places for whatever occasion it is. I find that talking about cafes and restaurants is often a hot topic among friends and family, so I should probably share those experiences with my readers. I should note that I am no food critic, nor do I profess to be one. I just simply like love food. If I have a delicious meal in a nice environment and have great customer service, then I would definitely like to share this experience with other potential diners.

3. Fashion & Makeup

Another aspect of my life that I would love to share with others is my keen interest and love of all things relating to fashion and makeup. I definitely love to share all things relating to my style on Instagram. Working in my favourite clothing store, I am always excited to style people and also buy fabulous new items for myself. I love creating a “look” with my abundance of makeup and clothes, and I often have compliments on my sense of style. Sharing my own tips and tricks relating to how to do certain makeup looks or hairstyles, sharing my tips for packing and looking fashionable on the road, and sharing my own style tips are things I definitely would like to have on this blog.

4. DIY

To keep myself busy I often do little DIY projects. Some days I may turn a tired dress into something fabulous, other days I may create a gorgeous and funky accessory from scratch. I’ve also thought up some nifty ways to become more organised around the home, in particular – trying to organise my enormous closet! I hope that I can inspire and help others in their DIY projects as well.

5. Sharing my Stories

Of course, I hope to share some of my experiences and adventures with everyone. Some of these may be serious and some may be some of my more ditzy moments. And on the plus side, keeping myself busy with this blog will hopefully keep me out of ‘trouble’ … in other words, it will stop me spending my money on partying and shopping when I need to be saving for my trip!

Fashion in the Street - Photo by Brian Miller

Fashion in the Street – Photo by Brian Miller

So in a nutshell, this blog will portray my life, through travel, food, style and DIY projects. … and I’ll throw in some interesting stories and occasionally my blonde moments!


Stay tuned for more to come 🙂

Vintage Barbie XO

5 thoughts on “Why am I doing this blog?

  1. slamdunk says:

    You are off to a great start Vintage Barbie. I think your diverse topics will be fun for all readers. I am always interested in posts on travel; something I don’t currently get to do much of.

    I hope you enjoy the new blog.

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