Welcome to the Adventures of Vintage Barbie

Ok, here it goes… That big nervous step of being simply a reader of blogs to a blog writer (well kinda…) Now that the initial nervousness is fading, let me say a warm welcome to the wonderful adventures of me, AKA – Vintage Barbie.


I’ve decided to start a blog to document my adventures involving food, fashion and travel.

I plan to do all kinds of travel – from independent travel to travel with friends to travelling in tour groups to travelling as a couple. From partying in clubs and at festivals to visiting cultural, religious and historical sites to adventure sports and adrenalin activities. From staying in 5 star tropical resorts to hostel dorm rooms to mid range hotels to camping. From eating street food to relaxed cafe meals to dining in beautiful restaurants.

Travel is my passion and I want to experience it all.


And what is a travel experience without the memories to share with your loved ones back home? I’m always known to have a camera with me, and I want to capture everything through beautiful photography and sensational videos.

But how could this blog be called “the Adventures of Vintage Barbie” if there were no references to fashion? Well, of course there will be fashion, and beauty, and style. I believe every girl can travel with style yet still be comfortable. Oh – and shopping should always be on the to-do list when travelling!

Having started my travel adventures in 2012, I already have some stories to tell.

Come and share my adventures my adventures with me, Vintage Barbie!

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