30×30 Travel Fashion Wardrobe Challenge

The 30×30 Challenge is a fantastic challenge inspired by Kendi Everyday, where you ‘shop your wardrobe’ and pick 30 items to wear over the period of 30 days.
I decided to pick only 30 pieces of clothing (including shoes) to make a travel wardrobe / packing list. I decided to go with a summery theme as this season can often be hard to layer and choose different outfits. This will hopefully help me in packing my suitcase when I go off on my Europe travel adventures later this year.
This is what I came up with:
30X30 Travel Fashion Wardrobe Challenge
You can see that there are a lot of different items here – all can be mized and matched to provide plenty of outfits during your travels. I have some dressy and casual short sleeve tops, a loose white top, a sheer printed top, and a tartan shirt. There’s also a casual light knit cardigan and a striped blazer. Combine these with some of the bottoms – coloured jeans, light coloured jeggings, a denim skirt, shorts, a maxi skirt, a black leather skirt and a deep coloured mini skirt.
Here is an example of different ways to wear the tops with the coloured jeans:
30x30 travel wardrobe - jean combinations

30×30 travel wardrobe – jean combinations by vintagebarbie17 featuring neon pink skinny jeans

As you can see, there are plenty of different outfit combinations that could be used for a variety of occassions. The first outfit with the flower top is a cute outfit for site seeing, and can be layered with the cardigan if it becomes cool outside. Outfit#2 is cool and casual with the converse shoes and plaid/tartan shirt. The skirt’s sleeves can be rolled up if its a bit warmer outside, and the necklace give it that chic touch. Outfit#3 is great for a picnic in the park – especially with the funky hat. Outfit#4 is a great loose travel outfit, particuarly on trains or buses. Outfit#5 can be used as a dressier outfit for nights out, whereas Outfit#6 is a great casual outfit for strolling the local streets. And finally, Outfit #7 is great for that in-a-rush-and-just-about-to-miss-my-flight kind of day – just throw on this outfit and tie hair up with the cute hair accessory and you look like you totally planned every part of your outfit!

So with a bit of creativity, I’ve created 7 outfits using just one pair of jeans. Ok, “but that’s easy” you say… so how about I use some skirts? I’m going to use the denim and leather skirts next, to show you how to wear them both casually and dressy.


30x30 outfit combinations


Here there are 9 outfits, which can be worn dressy or casually. And I didn’t even use half of the 30×30 items. I just added some accessories, and the outfits are completely changed.

Now I’ve already come up with 15 outfits, which would equate to half way through the challenge. And I haven’t even used any dresses or other bottoms yet!

This little mix-and-match Polyvore creation has definitely showed me that I won’t need to pack my entire wardrobe when I travel – you can easily create a range of different outfits from only 30 items. Just use a bit of creativity and there’s plenty of options available!


Note: the accessories were not included in the 30×30 original list. I feel that not included accessories in the original list means that there is more freedom with outfit combinations. Letting the accessories do the talking is a great way to change up an outfit. Plus, a lot of travellers will pick up accessories on the way – whether its a hat in the airport departures shops, or a scarf from a street vendor, you’ll surely find bits and pieces during your travels – and these also make great souveniers.

My collages have been made on Polyvore.com

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