All You Need To Know About the Beauty Blender

The Beauty Blender is the current “it” product in the makeup world. It’s been trending like crazy and ladies all around the world are jumping into the Beauty Blender bandwagon… But it is worth it? Well Vintage Barbie is here to let you know all about it!

What is the Beauty Blender?

It is a non disposable makeup sponge that can be used to apply a variety of makeup, ensuring a flawless look. The sponge is egg-like in shape and is perfect for all skin types as it is hyper allergenic, latex free, paraban free, environmentally friendly… The list goes on.

The sponge is actually designed to use less makeup because the product sits on the sponge and is not absorbed fully. This is because it is designed to be used when damp, not dry. It also means that the skin is it pulled when applying and it can easy fill pores, lines or creases without makeup looking “caked on”.

How does the Beauty Blender work?

The Beauty Blender needs to be damp, but not wet, before using it. Wet the sponge under a tap and squeeze out the excess water. You may need to use a towel to assist with drying the sponge.

You can place product directly on the blender then onto the product, such as foundation and then onto the skin. You may prefer to place a small amount of the product on the skin, (such as concealer) then use the sponge to distribute.

When distributing makeup use the “bounce and twist” method of applying. This is essentially lightly pressing into your skin and as it “bounces” off the skin you turn and twist the beauty blender slightly.

Is it worth it?

I absolutely love my Beauty Blender! I feel it gives me a beautiful airbrushed look. The large bottom bit is great for all over face products and the top is great for smaller prudence distribution like concealer under the eyes. It’s easy to use, and can be used for so many purposes – so what’s not to love about it?

I suppose the price is something that is not to love, however think that it is a reasonable price of $30 – I’ve paid more than this for makeup brushes before that only do one job, so I think it’s worth it considering how many different things the Beauty Blender can do. But be aware of copies or apparent dupes! I bought a dupe and it had a completely different texture to the real thing. I would definitely recommend sticking with the real one.

Obviously, the blender should be cleaned regularly to avoid distributing germs and bacteria each time you use it. This means that it may not last as long as the makeup brushes you are used to using. I’ve had mine for about a month now and it seems to be lasting quite well so far. I am not religious with cleaning it though so it may not last as long if you clean it all the time.

There are also a variety of sponges available now – you can get different colours if you want to keep them for certain things. However I am finding that one Beauty Blender is all I need right now.

5 Tips & Hacks

  1. The Beauty Blender is a great way to apply skincare products (such as moisteriser as it will not pull or tug on your skin when you pat the product in.
  2. Puffiness around the eyes can be solved with a beauty blender wet in ice cold water. You will still have to squeeze out the excess water, but your puffy eyes will love the cooling effect of dabbing the sponge on the puffy area.
  3. A cute but cheap way to store it is in an egg cup
  4. The best way to clean the beauty blender is by using a small squirt of antibacterial detergent and a teaspoon of olive oil. Wash in warm water and rinse thoroughly then air dry.
  5. A dry beauty blender can be used to “buff away” excess makeup, or act as an eraser. Just like an eraser, lightly drag the Beauty Blender along the areas you wish to correct.

Have you used the Beauty Blender? I’d it your new favourite beauty product? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section!

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I Finally Got Kylie Jenner Lip Colours

If you have paid attention to makeup industry news (or even celebrity news) you surely would have heard of Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kits.

I don’t even know why I wanted a lip kit so much… But I decided to jump in, fork out the money and just buy it anyway. And I didn’t stop at one… I got four… There goes my money for this payday!

The colours I chose were Kourt K, Dolce K, Koko K and Posie K. I thought it was a great range of colours to get. I got Kourt K and Koko K as single liquid lip colours, and Dolce K and Posie K as the lip kits with the lip liner and liquid lip colour.

I was really excited to get them as they have been super popular and I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. I didn’t manage to get my hands on the lip kits first time around and I am fairly certain the colours I got are the new formula, so I can’t compare them to the old formula, but hopefully my reviews are still helpful.

Koko K Liquid Lip Colour

This was the first colour in the range I bought and I absolutely love this colour. It’s a bit of a combination between a dark blush pink and a nude colour. It’s a really nice semi neutral lip shade. I think it is a great colour for me and I wear it to work most days now.

Using the liquid lip colour only, it was fairly easy to apply and the formula was a good consistency – not too runny and not too thick. It dried very quickly, which I was pleasantly surprised at.

The colour seems to last ok throughout the day. It doesn’t seem to be transferable (i.e. it passes the kiss-the-back-of-your-hand test) but it does seem to slowly disappear when you eat or drink something. I also found that when I top up the colour, my lips feel a little gritty after the colour dries over the top of the old leftover colour.

Posie K Lip Kit

I absolutely love this colour! It’s a beautiful rose pink and it is definitely a Vintage Barbie colour! My photos seem to make it look brighter and more orange than what it is. I don’t think this is a particularly unique colour in terms of lipsticks, in fact I’m fairly certain I already have dupes of this colour, but I still love it nonetheless.

The lip liner is really creamy and easy to use. However, I think this creamy formula led to it having poor staying power, even when the liquid lip colour is worn over the top. I found it was the least reliable with staying power and most of colour was gone after only 2 hours wear, and drinking a Boost juice through a straw. I thought this was pretty strange as I didn’t have this trouble with the other colours… This colour definitely felt more moisturising than the other colours, which might explain why it came off my lips more easily than the other colours.

Kourt K Liquid Lip Colour

I wish I got the lip liner with Kourt K a it is a really dark colour compared to what I am used to. It is a dark purple/plum colour and usually I wouldn’t wear this kind of colour. Surprisingly the Kourt K colour works really nicely with my skin tone and hair right now. I do feel a little bit gothic wearing it, and I find that it is definitely a night time colour over the other colours. Regardless of whether the colour suits me or not, it seems fairly unique as I have seen plum lip colours but not this exact colour. I think it would be hard to dupe and I feel that Kylie did a good job in colour choice for this one!

Because it is so dark, it kind of goes a bit patchy when it dries, especially after a few hours. I wish I bough the lip liner as well because I think this would stop the colour from being patchy and would make it easy to fill ‘gaps’ in the colour. Another thing is that it is super difficult to get this colour off your lips. It hardcore stains your lips! Make sure you have a lot of waterproof makeup remover to get rid of this one!

Dolce K Lip Kit

This is one of the most popular colours and the colour that Kylie Jenner is famous for. As soon as I wore it I knew this was the quintessential Kylie colour and I can understand why she loves this colour – it’s such a flattering colour! I am glad that I got this one in the kit.

Justr like Posie K, the lipliner is creamy, smooth and easy to apply. It’s even easy to sharpen the pencil when it is blunt!

I used the lip liner as an all over base colour before putting on the lip colour. The lip colour looked darker than the liner when I first applied it, but it quickly dried and it seemed to dry lighter and closer to the same colour as the lip liber. I found that by having the lip liner underneath, my lips felt more moisterised. Like Posie K, the colour seems to have less staying power when combined with the lip liner.

Overall Thoughts

I love the lip liners and think they are really nice to use. I really like the creamy formula and compared to liner from the likes of M.A.C., I would definitely rather the Kylie Lip Kit liners.

One nice thing about the liquid lip coloours is the sweet smell they have. I think it’s vanilla or maybe even a coconut type smell… ether way it’s something sweet. It’s not overpowering but it is a light scent that smells pretty yummy! Which is always nice when you’re putting it on your lips.


I am not sure if I like the applicator for the colours as it is sometimes hard to get an even spread of the colour on your lips. Also, the colours don’t seem to like to be layered over old colour – this is quite annoying when you are trying to do a touch up.
I quite like the colours that I bought, however I wouldn’t bother buying any more. I think having these four colour would be all I need from this range. And in all honesty I really think they have been slightly over hyped – they are good, but I don’t think they are great. So with that in mind  it does seem like a lot of money for what you get. Plus, lets not mention the waiting and waiting for them to arrive plus expensive delivery…
If you decide to get one, I suggest trying out one of the neutral colours like Dolce K or Koko K and seeing what you think of them. You’ll probably have to wait a while for the package to eventually arrive anyway, so don’t hold your breath expecting magic from them…

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Terms and conditions of Vintage Barbie’s Spring Giveaway

1: Entries are open to Australian residents only. 2: Giveaway opens 9am Wednesday 5 October and closes 9pm Sunday 30 October. 3: Winners will be announced on Facebook on Monday 31 October and will be contacted by Facebook Messenger. 4: The winner will have 7 days to respond to message to arrange delivery of prize. 5:Delivery cost included in the prize. 6: If the winner does not respond within 7 days, a new winner will be drawn from the hat and given 7 days to respond. This will continue until prize is claimed. 7: This is a game of chance with no skill required. 8: Winner will be picked randomly from a hat of names. 9: Winner uses prize products at own risk. The Adventures of Vintage Barbie hold no responsibility for any allergic or adverse reactions a person may experience from using the products. 10: No return of the prize product will be accepted. 11: Value of prize based on retail value of products at time of post.


Stepping Back in Time to a Casablanca Ball

Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t shy away from a theme – I’ll take any excuse to get dressed up! And I definitely love any period theme, especially because it’s super easy to grab something out of my every day wardrobe to wear.

Earlier this year I went to the ACT Young Lawyers Ball which was themed “Casablanca” for their 2016 event. For those who are unfamiliar with the movie Casablanca, it is an iconic vintage movie set in the 1940s. So I was very excited to get dressed up in 1940s style fashion.

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Winter Dinner at Rubicon Restaurant Canberra

We recently decided to have a last minute dinner at one of our favourite fine dining restaurants in Canberra: Rubicon.

Rubicon is a restaurant tucked away at the Griffith shops, near another favourite restaurant of mine, Aubergine. Like Aubergine, we like to go to Rubicon for special occasions, and have only been there a handful of times.

Click here for a review on Aubergine Restuarant

This time it was a double date night and the spot chosen was Rubicon. This wouldn’t be my usual spot for just any night out for dinner, because it is not a budget friendly dining experience, especially if you add a couple of bottles of wine onto the bill!

But it had been a while since we had gone out to a fancy dinner, so I was happy to go to this somewhat random double date dinner at Rubicon.

The Atmosphere

Rubicon is a small restaurant with intimate, dim lighting and pretty fairy lights in the back to give it a relaxed “starry night” feel. The tables a covered with white table clothes and many of the group tables (4 or more people) are placed closer to the back of the restaurant. This actually makes sense – the more talkative groups can be placed away from the intimate dining for couples.

There are no windows to look out of, and therefore no view to muse over when you run out of conversation with your date. But the relaxed feeling of the lighting makes it a beautiful place for an intimate or romantic dinner.

This was the first time that we went to Rubicon with more than just myself and my partner, so

The Service

The service is always fantastic at Rubicon. It’s not quite fine dining but fairly close to it. The service is a little more on the casual side, but they really know how to multi task being attentive to all tables, even when the restuarant is full.

I’ve never noticed any staff member looking stressed or like they didn’t want to be there. They also have exceptional knowledge of the wines on their menu – which is one of the reasons we like to go there.

The Food

We were given complimentary appetisers which unfortunately were not gluten free. The were some kind of pork bite on a mini toast crust. Everyone on the table enjoyed their little appetiser. When the waiter realised that I needed a gluten free option, he kindly brought me out some delicious marinated olives for an appetiser.

My man chose the cheese souffle for his entree and I chose the pork belly. The souffle was the size of a muffin and came with a small salad of baked sliced tomatoes, warm tomato wedges, and a quinnel of herbed sour cream. Tristan liked the taste of the souffle, but decided to let me eat the tomato salad. The sour cream seemed to be a bit much but the tomatoes were nicely seasoned and have a good combination of herbs and spices. I think that the combination would have would have gone nicely with the souffle.
The pork belly had a few small cubes of prom belly with a delicious combination of sweet sauce, shaved apple and sautéed onions. The pork belly was cooked to perfection as it melted in the mouth with each bite. However there were no crunchy crackling parts of the pork belly. I always expect a bit of crunch when it comes to pork belly, so I was slightly disappointed with this one. Other than that, the dish was perfect.
My main was a gnocchi style dish. This was quite exciting for me as I more often than people realise, I can’t eat gnocchi, especially if the potato is incased in pasta. This kind of gnocchi was so delicious and creamy, and it was complimented perfectly with the zucchini. There was also a creamy sauce. The zucchini balanced out the creaminess of the sauce and the heaviness of the gnocchi. It was very filling though and I only managed to get through about half of the dish.
My partners dish was a beef dish (no surprise, he always gets steak or beef of some kind). This dish had sautéed onions and a rich jus on the side. I had a small bite and the beef so very tender and juicy. It’s a fairly predictable combination to have sautéed onions, but if it works you may as well stick with it. And they were cooked perfectly.
Most of the meals seemed like very “safe” kind of dishes, with not too many surprises in the flavours or combinations of flavours. However they were done very well and we were all satisfied at the end of our meals.


My rating of Rubicon

Atmosphere: 4.5/5 | Customer Service: 5/5 | Speed of Service: 4/5 | Presentation of Food: 4.5/5 | Taste: 4.5/5 | Value for Money: 4.5/5

Total: 27/30

Overall thoughts: Rubicon is a great fine dining restaurant with excellent attentive customer service. I will definitely be back to experience the delicious food and wine. 

For more info on Rubicon Restaurant click here

Have you been to Rubicon Restaurant? What are your thoughts on it? Let me know in the comments section!

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